DOWNLOAD HURR. (so embarrassing for me.)

That’s right, you read it right. SNSDKorean blog has just released a podcast for you lovely readers 😛

We’ve been debating this subject for a few months now and finally went ahead and recorded one last…Friday! Maeniac, dreadtech, ruraldaze, and I all took part in this mock episode. “Soshi and Sones , we are the truth of the world” Please keep in mind this is the first time all of us worked together for the podcast so things might seem kind of awkward, might’ve missed some points, and totally forgot to mention certain news. Go easy on us (:

The total running time of the podcast is about 16 minutes, thanks to Mae for the editing! Drop some comments, let us know what you think, and then vote in the poll so we can decide if we should continue with this podcast thing!