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Excuse me at my fail attempts of trying to pair G-Dragon, leader of Big Bang, with Yoona.

On today’s episode of Strong Heart, the charismatic leader of Big Bang was on the show, sharing a rather interesting story with the audience.

During a friend’s birthday, GD was at the bowling ally celebrating with his friends and was somewhat drunk. SNSD happened to be there at the same time too and upon seeing the girls, GD performed a “comical dance” routine. He didn’t seem to recall the event, stating “I’m not really close with SNSD members. However, when I heard afterwards that I danced in front of YoonA, Tiffany, HyoYeon, and SooYoung, I was pretty surprised. I’m not usually a person who would do those kind of things.” (LOL)

Like any other host, Kang Hodong immediately asks G-Dragon which girl amongst Tiffany, Yoona, Sooyoung, and Hyoyeon was his ideal type. The “chosen one”…oh please like I didn’t make it apparent with the title..was Yoona! And like any other program after an idol picks his/her favorite, they need to send out a video message to their ideal one. (If you ask me, that’s just plain awkward.) G-Dragon stated, “I really don’t know why they are telling me to convey this message. The last time we met at a bowling game, I made some mistakes. I’m usually not like that.”

source; osen.co.kr,Taengfan@fanwonder.com
written by Boss Lady @snsdkorean.com

Honestly I used to pray for Soshibang moments but now…I think I’m more of a 9pm gal 🙂 What about you guys? G-Dragon+ Yoona? Yuri would look hot with TOP or Taeyang..hehe.