UPDATE 02/23/11: Picture speaks for itself 🙂

Credit: shinhdeplol@soompi

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As previously reported, SNSD are now representatives of Korean energy beverage Vita500. Although the CF has yet to be released, Vita500 has released a batch of promotional pictures featuring all nine ladies:

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How cool is this? Each of the bottles, besides being filled with 100mls of caffeine free energy, will come wrapped in individual SNSD labels:

It also appears that there will be an event scheduled in relation to the product:

Translation: TBC

Source: http://m.vita500.com/

Credits: shinhdeplol@soompi, cantthinkofaname@soompi

Written by: mikechi@snsdkorean

Tidbit: You know when you finish a bottle of alcohol; you keep the empty bottle to show people how cool you are as a collectible, well I have a feeling that these Vita500 bottles will be showcased on many a bookshelf or display cabinet or maybe that’s just me…