Now we all know about Kkangpae Shidae… and how Jess has established herself as the Don, but watch out Jess! Here comes competition… (sLaVe may just have to rethink Kkangpae Shidae’s family rankings :P) … Competition in the form of SNSD’s wide eyed “innocent” looking member, Im choding Yoona.

Recently, the above macro of Yoong has garnered attention among Korean netizens…. …

(Original macro in Korean click >> here)

Now when the general unsuspecting public only know of this side of Yoona….

its no wonder that seeing the natural GANGSTAH side of Yoona was shocking to most. 🙂
BUT OF COURSE… us SONEs already knew otherwise… didn’t we? ^_^

Sources: bntnews.co.kr, [trans] ch0sshi@soshified