Now tell Jessica how much you love her. She likes it when you say her name 😉


Okay, before we can get to the good stuff, I guess I should describe why we (or more like I!) chose the pics. So this is how it goes:

1) Here you have the “Kiss my hand because I’m the Don” picture while she sits on her throne wearing a red wife beater. Kkangpae Shidae in affiliation with the Bloodz?

2) The second one is purely just because it’s cute. And because it’s the exact same way I laugh, late reaction or not… which I’m sure that was a gif of her in the middle of a late-reaction-laugh… because it’s Jessica. It’s okay if she has late reactions, I’m sure she’s too busy thinking about some bidnezz. Ah, the life of a gangster.

3) Jessica laughs at you- and so does the right hand man, SooYoung. They probably just finished watching some fool beg for forgiveness in some embarrassing way.

4) Of course, the “Stay away from my woman” glare while she’s sizin’ you.

5) This one, Cindy chose. I have no comment for it except that it’s waste of my flow 😦 Cindy fail. I had to do the other five, do the work of uploading and searching, make the post, I might as well choose ALL six T_T. You’d think after all the arguing we do, I’d get the pleasure of picking one more from such a large selection. FAIL CINDY, FAIL! See, and I didn’t even make any one of them perverted! And you say you can’t trust me!? I didn’t even put JeNy on there ;_;

6) And that’s just because Jessica is No.1 and she deserves a trophy 🙂 Yeah, that’s right.

If you want more pics (and make sure to click on the thumbs that no image because they’re gifs) check these three out:

>>Folder of 7<<|>>Folder of 8<<|>>Folder of 5<<


Some of you may or may not have called her a bitch in the past, and some of you may still call her that in the present. But the fact of the matter is…

Everyone still wants her

Everyone still wants her

Everyone still wants her. Even the leader.

 So remember, it’s time.. it’s time… TO APPRECIATE HER! because Tiffany Jessica says so. >>Or else<< she’ll get Muscle Maknae on yo ass, old school style. Plus,

What the Don Wants, the Don Gets.

What the Don Wants, the Don Gets.

what the Don wants, the Don gets. Which goes for me too! 😀 So tomorrow I’ll post the Kkangpae Shidae special that I promised (think of it as a continuation of the Appreciation post).

So if you wanted more and weren’t satisfied with this post (though I think by far, it’s the most effort I’ve put in a post in a while LOL) >>COME HERE<<


Yes, because I have to force myself to sleep now that I’m trying to change my insomnia (since about three days ago. FAIL T_T) I made a reminder. I titled this picture “The other way, Tiff! don’t be shy!” HAHAHA. Is anyone else LOLing with me? (The SNSD HaHaHa widget is so much fun… Thank goodness for the P part in PC or my peeps in real life…)

Credits: JPHIP and Soshified