A recent fan accoun (this was a part of a Seoul Trip review on a travel site actually) was published online regarding some Thai ELFs/Cass that were at a nail salon and a beautiful girl helped them work out the prices. That beautiful girl was none other than Tiffany. Check it out below the cut!

Couple Thai girls (who I was told that an ELF or a Cass and a Shinee World. It wasn’t obvious in their account tho.) met Tiffany at a Nail shop in January. I only translated Tiffany related part.

The 2 Thai girls went into a Nail shop sometime in early Jan, 2011. They picked some designs and found out it cost 220,000 won. They quite surprise at the high price so they try to ask the Nail artist if the price was for regular nail polish or was it for acrylic nail; however, the artist could not speak English.

Luckily a girl sitting next to them having her nail done could speak English very well, so she stepped in and help. At the time both girls didn’t know that it’s SNSD Tiffany who helped them. The account said that a girl next to her just turned to them and explain to them that the price they chose was really just for regular nail polish. So with Tiffany’s help, the girls picked out cheaper designed with discount.

In the account the girls explained that Tiffany was patiently explained to her about the price and the design while the artists in the shop were admiring her English and even clapped their hands.

Still the two girls haven’t realize that it’s SNSD Tiffany, until they sat there having their nails done. They were talking about how the girls who helped them look familiar but Tiffany didn’t wear made up, so they wasn’t sure if she’s an idol. One of the girls thought she’s someone in SNSD because the shop has SNSD’s nail designs.

After awhile their curiosity won, so one of the girls just turn to Tiffany and asked.

The conversation goes on like this in the fan account:
TG#1 (Thai girl#1): excuse me!
Tiffany turned to them.
TG#1: eerrr you face.. (made a hand motion pointing at her own face) like a star..
Tiffany: Ahh.. Yes, I’m a singer.
TG#2: wowww…. Mmm.. So nyuh shi dae?
Tiffany: Yes.
TG#2: eeer you are… (but then she didn’t remember Tiffany’s name.)
Tiffany: I’m Tiffany. Nice to meet you.
TG#2: errr.. Nice to meet you too.. .. eeer.. can we take a picture?
Tiffany declined the girls saying that the company not allowed her to do so.

The girls described Tiffany as very nice in person. She smiled a lot and seemed to be easy going. She casually chatted with the artist while having her nail done. Also she’s so kind to help them without anyone asking her to. After Tiffany was done, the artist took a picture of her nails then she rushed out of the store. The 2 girls ended up paying 88,000 won each for their nails.

Credit: ssagajimint

Translation from Thai-English: CityRabbit@SOSHIFIED.com
source; http://www.seoulciety.com/index.php?topic=2165.msg19313#msg19313


An amazing heart, this girl has. She was willing to patiently help these fans out so patiently and with that to-die-for English! This certainly isn’t the first time our Mushroom has lend a helping hand. For example, this little old fan account that I always keep hanging’ around in my folders

I traveled from Jeollanamdo to the SM entertainment building hoping to see Suju. While I am walking around in front of the building, I see Tiffany standing there. I looked at her, and then she smiled at me. Right then, I thougt it was such a dreadful smile, I remember it clearly, her disrespectful words towards everyone. I looked at her with hatred in my eyes and looked away without smiling back. Then there′s 2 guys ran at me and I fell to the ground. The glass that contains water in my hand spilled all over me. I thought meanwhile, Tiffany would stand there and laugh at me.. but no. I saw her ran inside the building and came out with napkins, and handed it to me. I received it without looking at her, and then she dust down the dirt on my knee. I asked her aren′t you mad at me for the way I acted? She said No, right now there′s a lot of people who dislike me but then it′s all my fault, I didn′t mean to say anything I said, and really didn′t know. And I am still not used to Korean culture. In America, we can play with elders like friends, next time I will be more careful.
When she′s done, she smiled with the same smile but this time it feels more delicate, the sadness in her eyes made me felt really bad.

This is exactly why us Fany fanatics love her so much. Apart from that amazing voice and gorgeous eye smiles, it’s her heart that gets to us. 🙂

written by Boss Lady@snsdkorean.com