SoShi’s Awards & Performances at SMA 2011


8 thoughts on “12961354742011012722384 (1)”

  1. CronoDroid said:


  2. mhun2013 said:

    They are so cute! ^.^


  4. ooooo….tiffany wearing red lipstick..HOT100X!

  5. Terrez said:

    I can’t shake the feeling that Tiffany looks much more mysterious, mature and captivatingly dark than her RDR look.

  6. Kenneth said:

    Yes, she does look more mature here <333333 !!!! Good photo, though 😀 !

  7. SnsdSUNNY-L said:

    2NY IS REAL !!

  8. Fanyfany said:

    LOL fany’s RED LIPSTICK! 😀 she looks cuter without it, though but i also love this look ❤
    Fany jjang!

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