Updated with translation!

Just killing two birds with one stone here 🙂 First off, SNSD’s cameo in the Japanese drama Sazae-San has finally been released. Translation under the cut.

Namihira-san: No way…  Alright!

少女時代: Nice shot! Wonderful! Amazing!  Namihira-san is incredible!

Namihira-san: …what?  Really?  But who are you guys?

少女時代: We are Shoujo Jidai!  We want to become stars that sing and dance!

Namihira-san: Then you’ll have to work a little harder and do your best.

少女時代: We’ll work hard!

translation: plotbunny@snsdkorean
credit; thesonesource

The girls in their preppy outfits and frolicking through the green grass is enough to kill anyone. Any golfers reading this? Yeah I’m sure your new fantasy is having these 9 ladies pop out of thin air while you’re playing. 😛

Next…a few of the girls were spotted at the SHINee Concert!

The day before, Yoona was spotted going with Yuri and Seobaby to the concert. Today, Yoona went again with the other SM artists including TVXQ and Super Junior and their boss Lee Soo Man. Gotta love the support the SM Family has for each other!

Thanks to TTkpop@twitter for the heads up.