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For the girls, it has evidently been a wonderful year; their popularity and appearance have been stronger than ever. But how about the legions of fans and the blogs that stay up day and night working coal mine to coal mine pushing out all that is soshi? 2010 has currently been the greatest year for Snsdkorean as we creep towards our third anniversary, so let’s look at our accomplishments that make us worthy of that second spot on google search.

2010 saw an explosion of new staff being hired, taking the load off of our senior staffers who were trying to bear the brunt by themselves. Today, the original number of staffers have more than tripled, which is also due to the influx of news and popularity that we strive to bring.

We changed the layout of the blog, and through countless tries and experiments, we went with something that was familiar but brighter.

We added a twitter account (and recently a facebook account too) and watched as the numbers slowly grew as time passed. It was a definite plus to our blog, and currently the followers are over 9000!!!

We started more community stuff, like birthday posts for the staff (that we can hopefully continue) to allow more recognition and awareness for staff, because if they weren’t here, the blog wouldn’t be the same.

We got rid of wordpress on our domain, so a simple snsdkorean.com takes you straight to us. So much more efficient and it looks a great deal better.

We started a project of posts that span multiple entries leading up to a Soshi member’s birthday, which the staff members have taken with gusto. As well as the annual Soshi anniversary too.

We got an exclusive interview with Taeyeon’s MUM!!!! That is alone a giant notch on the SK Entertainment belt. We love MAEniac for being able to make this happen. Now she can slack off and we will all still love her.

We began the Soshicast (previously the snsdkorean podcast) and though it slowed down a tad, we are continuing this project and are also planning other side projects to bring to the front that include community input.

In December of 2009, the view numbers were at 400,000. This December, with 1/3 of the month left, we have already surpassed 1 million views; our highest count in one day has been 94,498- a staple that we can all be proud of as a team.

We had a few staff members meet up in SMTOWN LA, something that was fun to do and to have them come back spazzing about it was a treat.

Currently the blog has 3600+ posts and more than 46,000 comments.

Ranked #43 in top WordPress English blogs. #54 internationally. (Might change each day, current timestamp is 21st December 2010)

We have a logo to call our own. Now for a lot of you guys, that might not mean much, but for the team it gives us our own branding and gives us a placeholder to identify ourselves.

Our affiliation process has been revamped accepting only those that we feel contribute as much as we do for our respective idols. Simple copy/paste blogs really don’t cut it; this shows that we uphold some standard with our work along with who we walk hand in hand with.

We have added tabs on our homepage. The Team Page will be updated with info on the team itself, while the Auditions Tab is open for any qualified applicant to join our team (something that proves to us that we are growing). We have a Featured Posts Tab, which are posts that cover original content from the writers and are not necessarily news. This is to assure that our original content do not disappear under the bundle of news.

And finally, the one greatest achievement of 2010….is you guys- yes you- reading this very post! Because everything that’s being done is being done for your enjoyment, your info absorption, and for your feedback. We strive to keep this up for each other and for you. We hope that 2011 brings not only more of the same, but more good surprises and better results than the year before it.

From the team at Snsdkorean and myself- we all humbly thank you for sticking with us, and hopefully we can grow together as Soshi grows as well.


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