The World's Most Beautiful Butterfly

With a new year comes a very new beginning,did you guys enjoyed the very first day of 2011?
Yes or no,you’ll be happier after reading this post.

Just a moment ago,our beloved ladies has left us individual New Year greeting messages on their official website.
Check it out under the cut.

Taeyeon :

I hope you receive many blessings this year ^^**
Spend another year, 2011, with Girls’ Generation!
Right now~ it’s Girls’ Generation ^^!!

**TL Note: “I hope you receive many blessings this year” is the literal translation of the Korean phrase for “Happy New Year”.**

Jessica :

To SONE~~~ ❤
Let’s spend 2011 together~
Stay healthy, and.. Smile

Sunny :

To. Our SONEs, whom we love!
We (Girls’ Generation and SONEs) are going to come together as one in 2011!! ❤ I was so happy in 2010~ In the new year, even more!! Let’s become happier~!! 2011~ Girls’ Generation >~< ❤

Tiffany :

Dearest SONEs ❤
Happy 2011~
Let’s make 2011 (a) Girls’ Generation as well..
I promise to not get hurt.. I’ll be responsible for the other 8 as well… i love you..
God bless !!*

Hyoyeon :

Let’s, Girls’ Generation and SONEs, spend 2011 together as well~!!
When thinking about an unforgettable year to come!
My emotions are soaring up He he +.+
I hope you receive many blessings this year! ^.^”

Yuri :

I hope you receive many blessings this year 🙂

Sooyoung :

SONE!! Thank you for making 2010 (a) Girls’ Generation. Let’s make 2011 (a) Girls’ Generation as well ^^”

happy new year!!!!!!! sone! It’s Sooyoung.
It’s a new year… I wouldn’t forget to greet our SONEs hoot hoot
We received all the awards we could… I had the happiest year…
Our SONEs just as happy as we were, right??
We only took from SONEs…. Can we really just keep taking when given awards ㅠㅠ
But our happiness is SONE’s happiness, too hehe Righ?
After living (not that I lived for a long time;;), happiness given is greater than happiness received..
And when the person given the happiness truly gets happy, the person that gave it feels happy, too..hehheh
So I thought about what we could do for SONEs that gave us all these awards.. After thinking
Let’s just be happy! Let’s get as happy as we can! hehheh
And prepare greater stages/performances so you guys can fall for us even more.. Is what I came up with heuhehe
As for year-end broadcasts.. We’re really sorry.. We wanted to prepare a stage that brings up your soshi-pride,,
There was Fany’s injury.. And other things.. he he.
But I’ll promise you, that we’ll prepare really great things for the end of this year..
The members are all prepared keke
We’re already talking about year-end performances.. On January 1st kekeke

Also… If SONEs wait nicely, we are going to have a concert that’s 100 times greater, so wait a little.. he he
I know what SONE wants.. kekeke Does this make it more provoking?
I’m playing hard to get with SONE…. hehehehehehe kekeke

Let’s date more sweetly in 2011..
*When we push you away, act like you don’t know even if you do, and when we pull you, get hearts in your eyes
You who yells ‘Right now it’s SNSD!!’ with us is really loveable hohohohohoho
Let’s make 2011 girls’ generation..!!!!!!

**Oh yeah… I heard.. the contemporary history textbook was being remade.. to ‘SonyeoshiDae history’,,
(Sorry,, I was a bit harsh for the new year.. hehehehe)

*Pushing and pulling has to do with the ‘playing hard to get’ before that line. ‘Playing hard to get’ in Korean is literally ‘push and pull’.
**Contemporary history in Korean is ‘geunhyun daesa’, so Sooyoung just took the first part out and matched up the ‘dae’ with the last character in SNSD, coming up with ‘SonyeoshiDae history’.

Yoona :

Another new year, already… 2011!! It has arrived~
I hope everybody receives many blessings this year and let’s love each other more ^^

Seohyun :

2011 has come~!
I hope you receive many blessings this year~!! ❤
2010 was a year filled with unforgettable memories thanks to the love from many people!
Please look forward to Girls’ Generation and my improvements and please cheer for us~!
I hope that you all will come one step closer to achieving your dreams in the new year! 2011 is what? Girls’ Generation!

Hopefully with these type of greetings, all SONE will have an immensely fulfilling and delightful year alongside with our girls! Happy New Year everyone!

Through these heartwarming messages,we can feel their sincerity and love towards SONEs.
Let us be with them through the year 2011 and the many to come!

Credit : SNSD Official Website
Translation : ch0sshi & jreddevil07@Soshified