It was announced on the 15th that our soshi girls will be making a guest appearance in the special New Year’s drama “SAZAE-San 3”.

The airing will be on January 2nd, hit the jump for what roles they will play and the juicy details that follow-up with filming.

Our girls will be playing golf caddies when the character Namihei has his first dream of the year (This is important in Japanese culture as the first dream of the year is supposed to tell your fortune for the year).


“It’s SAZAE-san’s 65th anniversary since its creation! Congratulations. We’re happy that we, SNSD, can participate in SAZAE-san, which continues to get a lot of love from many Japanese people.”


A fun little tidbit, filming was held back due to rain (DARN YOU RAAAIIIIIIINNNN!), so the soshi girls started using simple Japanese to communicate with the staff, perfect way to end filming with a smile. It is said that the Soshi girls have benefited from all their years of performance, as they didn’t lose focus on their acting and their Japanese anunciation was almost perfect.

The love for Shoujo Jidai can be felt in Japan very much!!! as ‘GENIE’ has debuted at number 4 in the weekly singles chart and also their appearance on the FNS Music Festival (Kayousai) received the highest ratings of 29.4%.

Producer of “SAZAE-san” had the following to say for the girls,

“While I was searching for someone suitable for the New Year’s special, I saw SNSD’s cute promotional video, and I felt them sparkle, they were exactly who I would want to see while drinking tea with all of my family.” The girls’ appearance is short, but it’s a scene that leaves a vivid impression.


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