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If you haven’t already guessed from my fail try at Japanese, SNSD will be releasing ‘Oh!’ as a new Japanese single! *fangirl scream* 🙂

(Oh! poster stuck on my wall ^_^)



It has been reported that SNSD will release their new Japanese single, ‘Oh!’ next year this year on the 2nd of February!

While the Korean version of Oh! completely dominated K-Pop this year in 2010, there are already high expectations for the Japanese release! Quite possibly the ‘catchiest’ SNSD song to date, ‘Oh!’ has an upbeat rhythm and an easy to remember melody in addition to a style that is similar to J-Pop. ‘Oh!’ ‘s popularity is evident as the song has already been cosplayed by Japanese fans and covered on Youtube videos.!


While SNSD’s second Japanese single ‘Gee’ set a record for a foreign Asian girl group by reaching #1 on Oricon’s daily chart (26.10.10). Perhaps they will be able to attain the coveted #1 spot on Oricon’s official weekly chart with ‘Oh!’ this year!


Unfortunately… there has been no information regarding the potential release of a new single titled ‘Em!’. 😦
Lame SONEs like me may just have to put aside our dreams of an ‘Oh!’ ‘Em!’ ‘Gee!’ performance and settle for ‘Oh Oh Gee Gee’. =.= OOGG?! ^_^


** On a side note… I would like to wish all readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🙂
(I’ve also come to a realization that writing articles on New Year’s Day is amazingly confusing. =.= *points above*)


Lastly, just cause macros are full of win…. an Oh! related macro for your viewing pleasure. 🙂


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Written by: MintChoc@snsdkorean