What do these three names (and more!) have in common? Well..check out the video HERE first.

I mean talk about random! A German site posted a video up with Christmas wishes from famous people all around the world and somehow our girls were edited into it too!  SoshiLove all ova da world ❤ Thanks to Yurui@twitter for the tweet.

And just so this post doesn’t seem that short and pointless, SNSD has been confirmed for KBS Music Gayo! The Japanese Record Award show will start at 6:30 PM JST and KBS will start at 9:50 PM KST. Hopefully the girls won’t be too worn out. 😐

Well, look forward to all three year end special, SONEs! It’s always one of my personal faves and worth getting up extra early for 🙂 Happy holidays everyone and have a safe break!