Some random updates:

Featured posts tab now added at the top. This consists of the random and unique content that our writers work on from time to time. It includes analysis of the girls, birthday posts, or just… the really random. Some may be news posts with a very unique twist or a deep insights into certain situations. We’ve added what we remember, but we have a couple thousand posts on here so feel free to remind us if you feel we’re forgetting something special! Please note that these posts will still appear on the front page as well, but they also receive their own category now. 🙂

A team page or ‘about us’ type of thing will soon be added with some brief information about the staff. This seemed to be a popular request by our readers.

We now have a Facebook page! (button on the right ->) If you don’t twitter, you can now receive near-instant updates in your facebook feed instead.

New staff! We’ve added 3 new members to the SK family: mintchoc, plotbunny, and mikechi! Many of the new posts were done by our new writers, and they’re pretty amajjang, yes/yes? Please give them a warm welcome with lots of comments if you haven’t already. =)

And lastly, has anyone seen floating/hovering ads while browsing snsdkorean? (not google adsense stuff, but like a box that moves across your screen.)

I think I saw one briefly last night while using chrome, but I hope I was just delusional. Please leave a comment with a screenshot if you happen to see one. I will stress again that snsdkorean does not put in ads ourselves, as we are still hosted on wordpress.com.

Happy Holidays!