Looking on one side they dominate and win fierce battles…but on the other they save people by brightening up their lives. 🙂

Their super powers are fierce and just keeping getting stronger by the minute. During their quest for world domination they’ve conquered many nations and captured a variety of fans – male, female, young, elderly, Asian, Western…and now also the lonely ones.

According to the online survey formed by Bien-Aller (match-making firm) and feelingyou.net, SNSD was voted first place as the “… singer[s] who gave the greatest comfort to those living a lonely life in the past one year.”They achieved first place with 48.6% votes and 30.7% from male and female voters respectively and were claimed to have brightened up their lives. The entire survey conducted via e-mail comprised of  a total of 846 participants who were single and seeking marriage in Korea.

In terms of male voters, the list was followed by Kara (19.4%), Miss A (15.6%) and 2NE1 (7.8%) and for the female votes, ranked second was 2AM (23.2%) followed by T-ARA (19.2%) and Kara (15.4%).

Cr: Fanwonder .com

— Annabananaz@ snsdkorean