Warning : Spoilers Ahead

Luring you in with this captivating smile.

Our ladies’ first ever official calendar was released since a couple of days ago.
However,due to explosive response (Or perhaps SM‘s doing),there is a shortage of supply and many were left hanging in there while some are enjoying theirs.
Are you one of those still waiting for your copies to arrive? Are you anxious to see what’s beneath it?
I know i am.

Before jumping onto the gallery,let us first find out the content of theย desktop calendar. There are 2 sides to each month.

January – Sooyoung
February – Tiffany
March – Yuri
April – Sooyoung,Tiffany,Yuri
May – Yoona
June – Sunny
July – Jessica
August – Jessica & Sunny & Yoona
September – Taeyeon
October – Seohyun
November – Hyoyeon
December – Hyoyeon,Seohyun & Taeyeon

Now for the bad news,Jessica‘s birthday was printed on the wrong date. I’ve heard it’s the same case for Sunny‘s as well.

Getting over these,here’s the scans and snapshots (Desktop version) you’ve been waiting for! Arranged from January to December.

Credits : KissMez & T_BlessYou@Twitter,DC,As tagged
Article : zheming@snsdkorean