because SM is going to release an SNSD calendar!

cr; bickyzoo@twitter & gall.dcinside.com

This item shall be unveiled to the public soon so start saving money because 2011 is just right around the corner..and who doesn’t want to wake up to such a lovely calendar ๐Ÿ™‚ The concept of this shoot is called “Candid GIRLS With Me” and can be purchased through Gmarket. You can choose between a wall styled calendar or a desktop style for about 15,000 Won! Not too bad of a price. If you don’t want the physical item, an application will also be available for smart phone users. Group shots and individual shots will fill the calendar, along with birthdays of each member and any special anniversary dates for the fan!

Here are the details about when to start buying:
The order period on Gmarket will be between November 23rd to December 15th and deliveries will be made after the 10th of December. There’s also a plus to ordering within that time frame! Buyers will be entered into a drawing. 90 lucky buyers will win a star autographed calendar, 3,000 buyers will get a mini calendar, and then 60,000 buyers will get pictorial postcards. You’ll find out if you won anything on the 13th..so what are you waiting for? Order away, you might win a nice little prize for yourself!


I haven’t blown too much money on SNSD yet and depending on how the pictures look, I might go snag myself one! Since there are 9 members..that means 9 months of individual shots and then 3 months of group shots? Most likely (: YesAsia will probably pick up on this item soon and sell it themselves so be on the lookout (but this is just me assuming).

source; fanwonder.com, Yurui.egloos.com, Bestiz.net
written by Boss Lady @ snsdkorean