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I bet all of you are familiar with this following story. About two years ago, early October 2008, four girls of SNSD were spotted at Lotte World. They were reportedly running and playing around while wearing raccoon masks to cover their identity. Earlier this year, Sunny revealed on SBS “Strong Heart” that the four girls were her, Jessica, Tiffany, and Hyoyeon who went to the amusement park without telling their manager. When the picture of four of them uploaded to the net, the manager reprimanded the girls for being reckless and added, “If you were planning to go, you should have at least put some makeup on.”

Of course, it doesn’t stop the girls to play at amusement park without telling their manager, again. Five of the girls were spotted at Lotte World on July 6th, 2010.  This time they’re wearing the Scream masks instead of raccoon masks.

Can you guess who is who?

Also on SBS “Strong Heart” aired the December 7th 2010, Yuri revealed the amusing story about this Lotte World visit. Watch the subbed video below!

LOL. Never change, girls!

Did you guys guess the picture right? I did! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA *pats own butt*

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Aaaaaaand here’s the two years ago spotted-at-Lotte-World fan-taken pic to refresh our memory~It’s nice to see that the girls are able, or rather try, to have fun like other “normal” young-adults do despite their hectic schedule.
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credits; Onimushas@youtube