Once again…near food or doin’ something curaazzyyy 😀

Silis7noy has translated some tweets he found of fans that spotted our girls recently. Here they are, readers:


As usual I went to the Han River Park for some exercise. Had a drink with my friend coming back. Oh and unexpectedly I saw SNSD. It was quite late night but in front of the diner there were some girls racing each other boisterously and my friend said it was SNSD
..He yelled out It’s Yoona. What’s with these girls racing each other on a moonlit night, going ready, set, run! It caught our attention.


And we saw Soshi.. In the grocery hall they had a cart full of food and some wine, are they going to eat all that..
I think it was Jessica Yoona Yuri keke Seeing them in a department store food section it was quite interesting keke

From Jul 6th

I went to Lotte World..and saw SNSD. There were five girls wearing Scream masks and… they turned out to be SNSD.. so I rode the Viking with SNSD keke

And how often do you see normal girls racing down the street so joyfully? I’d be walking if it was late and I’m tired. Reminds me of that one fan cam of the girls racing up a flight of steps..does anyone have that fan cam link btw? SNSD girls, always so energetic 😀

Thanks for the link YoonYul!

I think the funniest part is the Scream masks part though. With a freaky face like that, can you imagine Sunny’s little high pitched scream coming out of that? Even the scariest ride would be hilarious! Glad to see the girls are going out and having fun though and it seems like no ones really bothering em!