Goobne, the little chicken brand that SNSD currently endorses, has felt the power of the 9. Prior to hiring SNSD, it was just a small fast food company that wasn’t as known or popular.But now, it is one of the leading chicken brands in Korea..Why you ask?

Well you know you’re a leading brand when your revenue increased by 525% from 2007 to 2010 (aka the time period SNSD jumped aboard the Goobne train)!! So companies, if you’re looking for a bangin’ boost in popularity, SNSD is the way to go. It certainly is one of the biggest success stories the CF world has ever seen.

Many have joked that the chicken is just an added bonus while the actual goodies being sold are the SNSD items. Sounds about right…I mean who here ordered those Goobne calendars through Soshified? 😀

Thanks to silis7noy@soompi for the info and here’s his actual post with the rest of the deets:

The Goobne CF success story is one of the biggest CF success stories in history. Goobne was a small unknown fast food chicken brand when SNSD first became their spokesmodel and now is one of the major national chicken brands in Korea. The various Goobne promotions that give away SNSD goods have been so successful that Korean people joke Goobne sells SNSD items and you get some free chicken as bonus. And because of Goobne’s success it’s become standard for other chicken brands to hire idols as their models.

Goobne’s success was reported last year and we have some updated numbers

Goobne’s revenue increased from 16 billion won in 2007 to estimated 100 billion in 2010, the period in which SNSD is employed
That’s revenue increase of 525% thanks to SNSD
In comparison the industry leader BBQ brand’s revenue increased 51% during the same period

cr; silis7noy2@soompi

If SNSD endorsed McDonalds, you can be sure the obesity rate will just skyrocket. Kidding but really..power of the 9.

written by Boss Lady.