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After months of cautious interaction, the Sweet Potato Couple on the show “We Got Married” finally showed deliberate skinship! And by deliberate, I don’t mean a casual brush of the hand. I mean, girl holds on to boy’s arm in the most adorable way possible. Praise the Lawd!

Even more surprising is who initiated it. No other than.. Seohyun! Despite her shy personality and Soshi unnies’ description of her as “anti-boy”, our very own Seobaby reached for Yonghwa’s arm first, surprising her husband and making the “We Got Married” cast absolutely ecstatic.

In the streets of Japan lit by the shining full moon, the two cutely linked arms as they walked back to their motel-ish place.

Check out the skinship under the cut!

And here is the full episode from today:

[warning! unsubbed]

(check out the interaction at 1:07 of Part 3)

Cr:TheSoneSource15@youtube; c4mur123@youtube