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After making space for the Sharing Love Concert last week,Inkigayo was back today to resume its usual broadcast!
Our ladies continued their Hoot promotion following yesterday’s performances with the cowgirl outfits!

The Mutizen award for last week was presented to none other than…
2AM! It’s unfortunate that our ladies didn’t managed to continue their winning streak.

However,they took on the Take 7 once again this week,competing with 2NE1 (2 songs),Psy,BEAST,SupremeTeam & 2AM.
AND THEY WON! This is their second Mutizen award with Hoot,one more to go for the triple crown.

Translation of Jessica’s winning speech,in courtesy of KissMez@Twitter.

Sica’s message to Tiffany: “Fany, we got #1 again. I hope you get better soon. Let’s stand on stage together again.”

Look at how she was so eager to grab the mic from Seobaby,JeTi is real!

According to Chichinhu@Twitter,our ladies had broken DBSK‘s record with a overall of 16 Mutizen trophies with today’s victory. Speaking of yet another huge achievement!

Credit : MonmonsChannel@Youtube