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Following the news of her injury and the announcement she would be taking a 4 week break to recover, Tiffany has since announced that she will instead surpass the limits of her human body and try to make a full recovery in half that time.

With the rest of the SNSD members continuing promotions without her, Tiffany stated that although she was advised to take off 4 weeks to make a full recovery, she’s doing her best to complete her treatment sessions so that she can shorten her recovery time. Although having a knee injury, she’s decided to put her entire leg in a cast to minimize leg movement despite looking like a ham, according to Yuri. An ‘acquaintance’ stated;

“Tiffany is placing all her efforts and focus into getting better. With the current situation, she needs 4 weeks of recovery but she has shown the will to recover in only 2 weeks.”

Additionally, they revealed that the reason Tiffany wishes to recover faster is so that she would be able to attend the ‘FNS Singer Festival‘ in Japan alongside her members. Supposedly she is going to miss the event due to her injury.

You know, it’s come to light that Tiffany somehow manages to stay on her feet despite how much she gets hurt; the theory is that she has abnormal super-human like powers of recovery that allow her to recover from injuries twice as fast as us normal mortals. Basically, though clumsy she may be, Fany is OWSUM. It’s probably how she’s lasted this long….>.>

No, in all seriousness, it’s probably best for Fany to take the full month off. If she doesn’t recover properly it increases chances of future knee-injuries and I think her fans would rather see her healthy right? On that note, did you guys catch Jessica‘s message to Fany during the acceptance speech on Inkigayo?

Jessica loves Tiffany haha

"Tiffany! Fany, we got #1 again! Get well fast, let's stand on stage again together soon."

Massive “DAWWW” factor.

There’s the alternative fan-subbed version too…

…*cough cough*

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