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Will you.. marry me? (Normally I would put that in strikethrough, but that would mean I’m kidding).

Taeng & her former vocal trainer The One‘s duet ‘Like a Star‘ mv has been released! The characters in the mv are actress Park Eun Bin and as mentioned earlier, Yoo Seung Ho. Unfortunately, it does not contaeng the little kid leader or any soshi members, but give it a go anyways. The song is beautaeful. <33

cr; keoconvoineverdie@youtube

What’s interesting though, is that Taengoo might be taking on Soshi this week. Yesterday after the song came out, she was winning:

…Soribada #1, Monkey2 #1, Naver Music #1, Daum Music #1, Cyworld #1


A few hours ago from this post, she was also beating soshi on Melon, with Like a Star at #2, and Hoot at #3. Right now however, she’s 10th on Melon (look for 별처럼 – 태연) and various other positions in the top 10 on other websites. These ‘rankings’ are on a per hour basis however, so there’s a lot of fluctuation depending on when you check.

Maybe Taeng is being greedy and challenging the girls to beat their previous mubank record high (on the old system) of 23,077 points – “I don’t care if we got 20,516 points last week, I want moar! I eat points for breakfast.” nomnomnom

Just kidding though of course, as I’d imagine Sooyoung being the one that can eat anything – including points...and very delicious looking members. But it’d definitely be interesting if the kid did end up on top this week. See you at the finals? *crosses fingers*

From now on, you listen to me. We are a TAEm.

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by: greeentee@snsdkorean