Oh hellyea hellyea

According to Bugs music site, Taeyeon and The One’s duet digital single will be released on the 17th of this month! *Claps furiously*  Another new song for SONEs to enjoy 🙂 This will be a new song and will not be the re-release of the older duet that Taeyeon had participated in prior to debut.

In case you need a refresher, here is the song Taeyeon sang with The One when she was ONLY 15!

vid credits; hyuksu

With such a powerful voice at such a young age, you knew this girl was meant for this job.

The recording of the duet was in September according to Taengoo’s mom. Adding on to that, a fan account was released in September on Bestiz about a KSONE who visited Taengoo’s parents’ eyeglasses shop. The parents had told him some good news that would be announced soon. The fan did not give out anymore details but after the news of the single was released today, the fan admitted that Taeyeon’s mom had told him about the duet and how she had finished recording. Props to the fan for keeping quiet ❤

To make this piece of news even MORE exciting, the fan admitted that this duet is just one of the many pieces of good news to come~

Thanks to Sooyounglegs@twitter for this lovely piece of information!

written by: Boss Lady