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A rare video clip of SNSD‘s appearance on MBC drama “Kimcheed Radish Cubed” (Ggakdugi) has garnered attention. The drama was aired in late 2007 and the girls were just debuted with their single “Into the New World”. So yes, “cameo”  isn’t  quite the right word because at that time the girls weren’t even half as famous as they’re now.

I remember watching this drama but I didn’t even notice the girls back then D:

The woman was Na Dal-lae (played by Na Mun-hee), the main character’s grandma. In the drama, her grandson is a PD so in this particular scene she visited him and by chance witnessed an awesome rookie girl group practicing their dance. Who would’ve thought those seemingly random kids in cheerleading outfits will be dominating K-Pop scene right now? The nine girls really have come a long way~

Speaking of drama, we’ve seen some of the girls acted or made cameo appearances in dramas, MVs, musicals and even movie; but what I really want to see is all the 9 girls act in one project together… like DBSK‘s banjun drama, or Super Junior‘s movie “Attack on the Pin-Up Boys”. It will be awesome, and I know I’m not the only one who want a SNSD movie. That’s reminds me, wasn’t the variety show “Horror Movie Factory” originally suppose to produce a real horror movie starring SNSD? Too bad the show got canceled due to low ratings so the movie (probably a short movie that will only be shown in the show) is canceled too. :/

Oh well, for now I’ll just re-watch this Kkangpae Shidae SNSD cameo appearance on sitcom “Unstoppable Marriage” which Yuri and Sooyoung starred in.

Kkangpae Shidae is the best thing ever, next to Sonyuh Shidae. Don’t you all just miss them KPSD? Haha I’m glad they’re now making a return with those colorful guns and arrow! *points to the Hoot banner up there — if you haven’t notice, it’s totally intentional that I put Don Jess is in the center and Lady Tiff next to her~ 훗!*


Have no idea what Kkangpae Shidae is? Get educated!

credits; sports.chosun.com, fanwonder, einhartsnsd@youtube, dnangeladdict4ever@youtube
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