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Sky is blue, grass is green, and South Korean army loves them SNSD.

On MBC “Golden Fishery” corner, “Radio Star”, veteran singer Psy said that girl group have huge impact in South Korea’s military forces. He added, “In the army, everything is about SNSD. SNSD is like a religion there”. Is it just me or whenever South Korean male celebrity enlisted in the army, most of them will convert to Soshism? I guess the power of nine already took over South Korean’s army camp completely.

Psy and the “Radio Star” guys also talked about their favorite SNSD members.

Psy revealed that he likes Taeyeon, but nowadays he likes Yuri more. MC Yoon Jong Shin commented, “All married man likes Yuri”.

MC Kim Gura revealed his thought, “In SNSD, one begins liking Taeyeon, goes through all the members and then ends up liking Hyoyeon. It’s because Hyoyeon has the most charm.” Damn right about goes through all the members. In Soshism, you will start with liking one or few members but as the time goes by, you’ll end up loving all nine girls.

I started liking Jessica and Hyoyeon at first, but of course, I love all nine now. How about you?

credits; star.mt.co.kr, fanwonder, ItsAllAboutYul2@youtube
article by; crazy51@snsdkorean