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Update: Pictures added.

As noted on the girls’ schedules, Soshi split up into two teams today and had two separate fan signings! A lot of fan accounts a couple of fan cams! Check out the beastly compilation 🙂 Pictures weren’t posted since they were mainly the same thing as the fan cams. Also, Seobaby was not present due to a WGM recording (?) or something else. Enjoy!

All fan account translations go to silis7noy on soompi’s snsd threadLet’s start with Tiffany, Jessica, Yuri, and Sooyoung’s fan signing!

Fany: So dam* kind she will reply to every little talk. A fangirl told her she wants to be a good singer like Fany then Fany said let’s meet at the broadcast station some day. And wrote her a ps telling her to manage her throat well

Jessica: Shook hands with her, end.

Yuri: Fangirl told her Yuri looks amazing in real person then Yuri tells her to hurry up and go spread that around to other people kekekeke That how pretty she is kekekekeke

Sooyoung: Fangirl says Sooyoung is her role model for diet and Sooyoung smiles. She asked Sooyoung to write her a ps to study well. So Sooyoung writes ps: study well


I am going to bury my bones to the end as a SONE…

At the end Fany said she can all see we are taking pictures
Said that if we keep taking pictures than the girls will start taking pictures too kekekeke

Then she really took out her cellphone then took pictures of fans kekekeke

She told everyone of us to make hearts
She made us do the “I am SNSD” expression kekekekeke TT TT TT

She told us we are cute TT TT TT TT

I’m burying my bones with them kekeke
Where can you find people like them who loves fans so much TT TT TT TT

* Fany Sica Sooyoung took out their phones and took many pictures
Yuri made us do the “I am SONE” expression then she did the expression herself too kekeke


Sooyoung saw her pterodactyl fan and made her do that scream
Yuri and Sooyoung asked her together, said “If you really love us then scream please~”
So the pterodactyl fan panicked and then really did her scream kekeke

Sooyoung said they’re gonna put up the pictures on the official homepage kekeke


Sooyoung said the question she got most today was about her leg
That if the leg injury is ok. She said it is ok

On TV she covered up the bruise with makeup but some fan still captured it
“Who was that!!” she yelled kekekeke

When the girls left they all did the I AM SNSD pose with hand guns and
walked out like ducks with their butts sticking out


I told Yul the Roaring Yuri was the best~!!
And Yul totally loved it keke
To Sooyoung I told her that SNSD has to be on variety more!
Then she said they will be coming on many variety shows to make us sick of it so look forward to them

cr: anon@dc

Tiffany really cute
Bare shoulder white sweater and shooting eye smiles so lovable I’m going insane

Sica is the Cold City Woman style black formal look, and chic

Yuri wore white hat kekekeke she kept whining that it’s hot so cute cute
She kept lifting up the hat but didn’t take it off I guess she did not prepare her hair keke

I heard what Sooyoung said at the end, that she did not go to the beauty shop today kekekek
She still was pretty her hair fit her really well

me: I thought blonde looked best on Jessica but it also looks great on you Tiffany~ So pretty hehe
Fany: Heehee thank you~ Actually Sica does blonde so well it is a little burdening hehehe
me: No it really looks great on you I think you can just keep that blonde keke
Fany: Hehehe hehehe
I shook her hand

me: It’s first time that I saw you up close like this~ You are really so so pretty kekekeke
Sica: Thank you hehe
me: By any chance do you have plans for solo concert again this year or early next year??
Sica: I’m not really sure yet
I shake Sica’s hand

me: Yuri I saw you on Running Man last week it was great kekekeke
Yuri: Ah really??
me: You were really cute hehehe
Yuri: That was my real self there uh huhhuh
me: You were deceived keke
Yuri: Heheheheh
I shook her hand then done

me: Sooyoung the concept this time fits you so well~~
Sooyoung: Kekekeke really?
me: Yes since you’re so long long keke
Sooyoung: The choreography for my part is great heh

We watched the girls comfortably thoughout the event. In the middle some fan yelled and surprised everyone I think she’s the pterodactyl hehe

At the end Fany told a fan something like, don’t take pictures or else
Then she said Oh I’m going to take pics too then. And then she really took out her phone and started takng pics kekeke
After Fany the other girls also take their phones out and take pics
Told us to make hearts then made us do I AM SNSD pose and I think like three times our pics were taken kekeke

When the girls leave Sooyoung and Yuri stick their butts out and do the I AM SNSD pose as they walk out
Everyone cracks up kekeke
Tiffany really the best always smiling and chatting with us she was in great mood it made me feel great hehehe


Fany talked the most with fans and was excited shaking hands with fans kekekeke Daebak~
Sica next to her must have been a little bored waiting for fans to come to her kekekeke

Someone told Fany her shoulder was bare then she replied
Hey!! This is style!

Today JummaTaeng was wild
Yoona was laughing so hard she had her head down on the desk
She couldn’t even finish her signs kekekekeke


I love the girls and it’s the first time I applied for fan signing and luckily I was picked so I went today hehe

Tiffany Jessica Yuri Sooyoung they came out in this order and Yuri said the greetings. I can’t remember the exact words it was something like “It’s the first fan signing for the Hoot album promotion, let’s have a fun fan signing together everyone~”

I first got autograph from Tiffany. She kindly said “Hello~” first and looking at Tiffany my mind just went blank and I panicked a little as I gave her the album..
Day after tomorrow is the Pepero Day so I wrapped up some Peperos and chocolates for the girls and I handed it to her but I was so nervous I barely told her “Have some~”
Fany said “Thank you~” as she smiled and it continued to make me dazed~
By the time Fany said “Be careful not to catch cold~” I was no longer myself…

So then when I went to Sica next I missed what she told me so I said “Yes?” then Sica carefully asked again “You are unnie right?”,, ^^;
(At that moment I hesitated should I answer that yes I am unnie? No I am imo(aunt)… do I have to correct her? I don’t have much wrinkles on my face but did she notice? I must take care of it… Huhhuhuhhh~~ TT TT TT TT These things flashed in my mind so I replied late… I said Yes)
I’m sorry Sica… It’s the first time I’ve seen you girls up close I am so nervous…

I gave the presents to Sica and said “Have some of this~” and she said “Thank you~” and it was jjang cute TT TT TT TT

Yuri looked at my face before signing…(Was she trying to pierce my face….)
I gave her the present… she thanked me and said the wrapping paper was cute…
Ahhh~ Looking at Yuri she really is so pretty I almost nauseated right there hehehe

And Sooyoung greeted and signed for me and thank me for the present ~ ^^

It must have been hot for her Yuri kept lifting up her hat at every chance and said it’s hot feeling her forehead…
(Sica also said it was hot~)
And her long legs extended her black shoes were showing under the table~
Whenever they were free Yuri and Sooyung would greet and wave to fans ~ Then go back to signing… ke
During the middle in front of Sooyoung one fan made the pterodactyl scream Ahhhkkk~

After about one hour the signing was over and Tiffany was waving and greeting the fans and asked the fans if we are coming to the music shows on weekend. Not many people answered so then Tiffany said “Watch us on TV~” then made hand gesture of watching with binoculars..
Then a mic was left between Tiffany and Jessica and I think the two were deciding who will speak. They did rock paper scissors and Tiffany lost with paper so she took the mic~
And together with Yuri they made ending speech and greetings
Also Sooyoung said she was asked a lot about her legs today and she said it really is ok. She said she had hard time covering the bruise up with makeup but someone captured it and she yelled “Who was that!” ke

Some fan was taking pictures and Tiffany said not to take pictures and said there is no 2nd chance and made gesture of cutting the throat with her thumb then threatened that she will take pictures too and the fans said “Please take our pictures~”… Hehe
The fans started to make pose… Then Tiffany really took her phone out and started taking pictures. Fans were making pose and Sica also smiled and took pictures. Yuri and Sooyuong told us to make hearts and made us do the I AM SONE pose~ Hehe
And the girls did the pose together~
Some fans at the side were not in camera sight so they were not in pose then Yuri scolded them keke So they do the pose too.. Since the cameras didn’t come to the side some said Why only take center pictures~ Please take our side too… Heheh

And we did the Right now SNSD, From now on SNSD, Forever SNSD and as the girls were leaving Yuri and Sooyoung did the I AM SNSD pose… (Yuri bent her knees a little to do the pose and it was a nice butt action keke)
Sica continues too…
Even by the door the girls would continue to wave at us fans such nice girls~

Thanks for reading I’m not sure I remember all correctly TT TT
After seeing the girls up close I am so happy that I love SNSD..


Remember the “threat” Tiffany made about taking pictures? She posted this on the girls’ official home page!
Photo name: “I~ AM~ SONE” ke
Photo by : Ti** Je** Yu* Soo*

Like I said ._.”
Take our pictures only when we have a cool pose(ke) like this!
If you can do so… We would appreciate it~
Today was so fun thank U (:
Hwaiting again this week~ Hoot ^<*!
goodnight xoxo, -T

Now let’s move on to Sunny, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, and Yoona’s fan signing! 

The girls show up and Taengoo takes the mic and said Today our members are divided Yoona, myself, Hyoyeon and Sunny are here, other members are at Yongsan. We will do our best here for you today. Sunny declares We will begin~

But this was an open space so things were disorganized and too many security guards and the fan line is too far from the girls on stage so there aren’t that many things I witnessed about the girls today TT TT Guards were too harsh….

When I went up Sunny said Hello~ smiling TT TT Not that she said that only to me but…
Today my coughing was bad and the fansigning moved on quickly and I kept coughing and missed things… hah…
Anyways I told Sunny “So you will love us female fans too?”
She laughed and said “Of course~ Oh because of that I was so… keke” kekeke
(* Female Ksones joked about Sunny abandoning them because Sunny mentioned only Samchon fans in that TV show)
I told her female fans cheer louder than before now and more are going to events but the guard pushed me away so Sunny may not have heard it… TT

Next Hyoyeon~
She seemed to be signing on the page with the winter outfits… But I placed the post-it on the teaser outfit page.. I panic and tell her should I redo the post-it? But Hyoyeon said no, here, and signed on the right page with post-it keke
I pointed at the “I AM SONE” written on the post-it and she laughed Uhhuh~ kekeke and she read it keke. She reads the I↘ I↘ parts and says it’s so cute kekekekekeke But Hyolord… she forgot to write the first letter of my name so she panic and adds it using V keke I tell her Hey what is this keke and she made a sheepish smile….. I forward my hand for handshake and she held it TT TT

And Taeyeon…
Whoa…. She called my name so endearingly…..
Got a heart attack….
“00 unnie” she says…. Huhngg…. TT TT TT TT TT TT TT
I told her I didn’t know there would be a new album this year but it is really great, and she said Were you surprised~
She said We will work hard for this promotion Thank you~
And I ask for handshake and I was being pushed away but she still held on to my hand TT TT TT TT TT TT TT Tae… Taeyeonah!! TT TT TT TT TT

Next kekekekekkekekekekekeke is woori Yoong d’Arc kekekekekeke
I didn’t think she would understand it
Yoona alse called me “00 unnie” endearingly… Whoa Yoona… I was frozen at that moment and Yoona had already seen the Yoong d’Arc written kekekeke
Then from being endearing now she kekekekekeke
“Yoong d’Arc↘ This↗ How did this get discovered ???? How did it get spread?”
That’s what she said kekekekeke She spoke in that Gag Concert An Youngmi gag tone kekeke
Each end of her sentences were like !!!!!!! That’s how she spoke kekekkeke

I was cowering and answered “I.. I don’t know” kekekekekeke
She said she didn’t know that they would really use that…
I don’t know what she meant by that but…. she said it caused a ruckus kekekekeke
Yoona’s distressed expression kekeke But it was really so cute, on top of her small face Im Jjanga is real TT TT TT
I hastly asked her Did other members take the same pics?
No they didn’t. I was duped…. she said kekekekekeke
Then I was pushed away but she kept on looking at me I was so thankful TT TT TT TT TT TT TT


Soonkyu: Your name is really XXX?
me: Yes…
Soonkyu: Wow your name is so pretty~ (And she signs)
me: Hey… did you by any chance see me at Music Bank?
Soonkyu looks up and observes my face (Eye contact for long time)
me: I’m a KBS staff… I was at Music Bank…
Soonkyu: Huh? Really?
Soonkyu and Hyoyeon stares at my face (Ah.. those little faces looking curiously at me with puppy eyes my heart cannot take it)

me: When you come to Mubank I will serve you with all my heart!
Soonkyu and Hyoyeon crack up

Next, Taengoo
me: Because I’m a staff I cannot behave myself too much as a fan
Taengoo: You are a staff here at the fansigning?(Taengoo was busy signing and didn’t hear my convo with Soonkyu Hyo)
me: No. I am KBS staff. I saw you often at Music Bank..
Taengoo: Really?
(* this pic is the Taeyeon’s “Really?” part)
Taengoo also started to observe my face

Then on to Yoong
me: I heard what you said. When you were saying to the manager “That balloon says Hoot~!” (This was at Music Bank comeback day)
Yoona: Oh, really?
me: You remember right.. I was in front of you Yoona…



These next couple of fan cams are only of the shorties+Yoona’s fan signing 🙂

credits; deerfancam2, uouo1122, shootyoudown94, ohmysica4 for the video uploads, as tagged.

For some reason, there hasn’t been any fan cams or pictures from the others’ fan signing (Yul, Tiff, Soo, Jess). Hopefully we’ll get something soon!