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Edited:Added Tiffany’s UFO Translation!– Boss Lady

As the title says it all,it has been a little more than 2 months since our ladies’ debut in Japan and the broadcast from FujiTV finally arrives.

It is divided into 2 segments,one for the Odaiba Mezamashi Live & the other for Ariake Showcase.
In the following videos,you would get to see their interviews(Unsubbed) together with a partial of the performances.
Without any further ado,check them out.

Odaiba Mezamashi Live :

Ariake Showcase :

Under the cut,there are newly released UFO Star Call of Taeyeon & Tiffany. Don’t miss it out!

“Hello! This is SNSD Tiffany. Its a lot later than I thought, but I  wanted to greet you before sleeping so that’s why I’m here! How is it?  You like it? The weather is getting really really cold these days so  just be careful and dress warmly before sleeping. Good night!”

credits; kissmez@twitter, silent_scream@soompi

Translation would be posted up once it’s available.

Credits : PIANO0724 & kjw6676@Youtube