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Hey that actually rhymes O.o

Now why would I care about this Psy guy, I mean, why on earth would I post about a guy with a potbelly that just got out of the army and currently promoting a catchy song called Right Now?

Not to mention he looks like Kang Ho Dong

Well if any of you remember, this guy was the guy that defended our beautiful, fantastic, wonderful girls and criticized those wood-faced, high and mighty guys at the Daejoong Awards for not having any reaction to SNSD’s performances, so right there I already loved the guy.

Can you imagine he actually is a famous love ballad writer? He’s written songs for Lee Seung Gi, and other famous ballad singers!

On KBS’ Guerrilla Date, he’s even revealed that our very own kid leader has asked for songs as well! and what more, I love his reply to that:

Psy then expressed his feelings towards Taeyeon by saying, “Recently I received a request by SNSD’s Taeyeon to write a song for her. Honestly, I felt more proud getting such recognition from her than any other recognitions. Not just 1 song, I would even possibly write 10 songs for her”.

What a guy, what a guy, I think he deserves all our respect no?

For that, he deserves to get promoted on one of Soshidom’s most respectable blogs no? Everyone check out his performance yesterday on Inkigayo:

Note: All you Jo Kwon lovers, 2:12 you start seeing some epic stuff, and note, he actually ripped his pants, yet continues with the performances to the end like nothing happened. What a guy.

Credits to hankyung.com, fanwonder.com

Written by: SilentArchangel@snsdkorean