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What is? SNSD’s power levelduhh. Vegeta would probably Hoot his pants if he ever met the girls.

Remember this from your childhood?

Unfortunately for us, we don’t have tiny capsules that can give us full sized motorbikes and such… but Japan of course, has their own fascination with the idea of convenience. Home to the highest number of vending machines per capita in the world (snacks, drinks, fresh broiled french fries, beer and toys!), Nippon has ‘stores’ lined wall to wall with toy capsule machines – now featuring soshi goods.

Capsule machines can be found vending both SNSD and Kara keychains, showing the increasing popularity of K-pop in Japan. It was noted that these machines were placed next to popular Japanese artists, which attracted the attention of many. The SoKa line is certainly doing very well in the foreign market, but snsd just kinda left Japan hanging (like keys!) with the sudden Hoot comeback for Korea.

Oh SM, you’re such a tease… giving Japanese fans a taste of soshi and then leaving them alone, infatuated, and begging for a bigger slice of heaven… poor Vegeta!

Taeng's ideal type. Oh yeahhhhh.

source; fanwonder, tvdaily.co.kr
by: greeentee@snsdkorean.wordpress.com