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As you may know, the girls won on Music Bank with 17,285 points on the 5th. According to Cecil/chichinhu@Twitter, 17,285 (from Digital: 5964; Vote: 0; Album: 9390; Broadcast: 1931) is currently the highest point since Music Bank changed the K-Chart system.

Kchart old system’s top 10

1위 소녀시대 Oh! 23,077점 (2010/02/05)

2위 소녀시대 Oh! 22,689점 (2010/02/12)

3위 Gdragon Heartbreaker 21,322점 (2009/09/04)

4위 소녀시대 Run Devil Run 21,223점 (2010/04/02)

5위 소녀시대 Oh! 20,549점 (2010/02/26)

6위 소녀시대 Oh! 20,284점 (2010/02/19)

7위 Gdragon Heartbreaker 18,995점 (2009/09/11)

8위 소녀시대 Tell Me Your Wish 17,995점 (2009/07/10)

9위 Bi Love Song 16,871점 (2010/04/16)

10위 소녀시대 oh! 15,931점(2010/03/05)

Kchart new system’s top 10

1위 소녀시대 훗(Hoot) 17285점 (2010/11/05)

2위 SHINee Lucifer(Lucifer) 15129점(2010/08/06)

3위 Super Junior Bonamana 14720점 (2010/05/21)

4위 SHINee Lucifer(Lucifer) 14612점 (2010/07/30)

5위 Super Junior Bonamana 14366점 (2010/05/28)

6위 2NE1 Go Away 13917점 (2010/10/01)

7위 BoA Hurricane Venus 13677점 2010/08/13

8위 BoA Hurricane Venus 12989점 2010/08/20

9위 2NE1 Go Away 12711점 2010/09/24

10위 FT Island Love Love Love 12414점 2010/09/10

cr:Chichinhu @ twitter

Now you know what I mean, when I say SNSD really dominates on Music Bank?

Anyways, along with the details above, there have also been a bunch of fancams and rehearsal goodies from Music Bank.

Here are some of the compiled fancams from Music Bank–

The girls fooling around backstage~

Hyoyeon being violent~

Hyoyeon tricking Jessica~

Dry rehearsals:

(Jessica Focused)~

Tiffany cutely asking Music Bank staffs to lower the volume (?) & TAEFANY interaction [b/c TaeFany is REAL *cough* GT *cough* :)]

& some rehearsal pictures (mainly Jessica focused)–

Source: respective YouTube uploaders + sosiz + woorissica + chichinhu@Twitter + seasonchange35@soompi