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On a recent episode of “Invincible Youth” aired on the 5th, which Sunny appeared in along with ex-G7 member, HyunA, the comedian/one of IY’s host, Kim Shin Young, exposed that one time, when she was over SNSD’s dorm,
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the girls called me on top of their voices to hurry over to watch an “obscene” scene. However, the scene was not shown and the girls went “eh~”, expressing their disappointment”, revealing the girls’ behavior at the dorm. Upon hearing what Shinyoung was going to reveal, Sunny screamed in embarrassment.
Apparently, the girls were watching a scene where two lovers were holding each other and they were expecting a “raunchy” part to come up so they called their “unnie” to come over, but they were left disappointed when the camera started to pull out of the scene.
In the midst of Kim Shin Young revealing what happened at the girls’ dorm, Sunny attempted to stop her. You can actually see it at around 0.53 seconds in the Youtube video.
This really reminds me of that episode of “Strong Heart” when Jessica revealed that Sunny and her went “OU WHOOA” as they watched a couple kiss in amazement from inside their car one night.
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