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Today’s episode will be filled with much competition, as 2AM(?) will battle it out with the kids (again). But nevertheless, who can complain? I’m pretty sure Jinwoon won’t πŸ˜› Where CN Blue at? Click for fan accounts and updates!

Performance of Hoot:


The girls also set another record on music bank today with 17,285 points using the new scoring system! The previous record was at ~14.5k. Soshi went head to head with SG wannabe at the end, and the results, well…

Fan account from Music Bank today.Β  JeTi TaeNy ftw :3

Taeyeon was in good mood today laughing and playing around ke Tiffany was telling some member to face the wall and repent keke YoonTae TaeNySun playing around together and waving to us. Sunny gets her own pterodactyl scream fan keke

Taengoo was on stage looking at the audience so fans were waving at her. Taengoo was fixing her earphone then smiled and waved keke But Fany came pushed Taengoo away like she didn’t want to lose and waved to us keke
Then Taengoo pushed Fany away and waved even harder kekekekeke

Before the stage recording the girls will circle up and put their hands together to do the “Jigeumeun SNSD!” but Yoona was missing keke. And the girls were saying “Hey let’s just abandon Yoona” keke Then Yoona was coming up the stage doing kkab with her hand raised up kekekeke

The floor of the stage has design of a target. During the breaks the girls looked at the floor, keke and started to pretend shooting arrows at it kekekeke all of them keke

p.s. We want more SooTae! πŸ˜›

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