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At the Press Conference held on November 2nd, the girls voiced their jealousy for the Sweet Potato Couple‘s screen (and irl?!) relationship. When asked about the maknae’s marriage, SNSD shouted in unison: “We’re jealous!” Despite Seohyun‘s attempts to stop her unnies, the girls continued to tease the maknae.

Seohyun blushed and replied, “I think my unnies are more interested than me as they have been monitoring it so closely for my sake. This happens probably because it is an experience I do not get every day. My unnies have been urging me to hold his hand. I feel really shy”.

SNSD's Inner Fangirl

Apparently, Seo’s marriage has been impacting her vocals as well. Tiffany explained the new and improved emotional expressions: “In our new mini-album, there are [Seohyun’s parts] in the songs that highlight the change in her vocals. Is it because now she could express her emotions in the songs? There has been improvement in her vocals and expressions in singing. Maybe we should start dating too. […] In fact, these changes have never happened to our maknae before. We find these changes really funny. She has changed. She has changed”.

After that, Taeyeon quietly reminded the girls that she was in a relationship on We Got Married with her 11-year-older comedian, Jung Hyung Don (who became married in real life during the show): “Actually, I was married too (to Jung Hyungdon) but…I was forced to divorce”. Upon hearing that, everyone burst into laughter.


Hyoyeon also talked about her own [fantasy] relationship. Back in May, she confessed on Strong Heart that she had a one-sided crush on a male idol. Although she didn’t reveal who he was, she did leave hints that he is funny and doesn’t have double eyelids. At the conference, she was asked if she still had a crush, and she replied honestly: “Yes. It’s still the same. I like to see people who work hard. If by any chance anyone has an interest in me, if you show me that you are hard working, I’ll like you.“

Sunny added, “When Hyoyeon sees people work hard on stage she says, ‘Wow, so hard-working. I wonder how much you had to practice to do that.’”

Unfortunately, Sooyoung had a minor fall, injuring her leg, and had to miss out on the press conference.

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