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As you may know, the girls’ recently held a very successful Into the New World concert in Taiwan, completely selling out and filling the stadium with pink. Following that however, the Taiwanese Media had shifted their focus onto the few lipsynced performances present, rather than the fact that a mysterious Korean girl group broke a record for foreign artists. Unfortunately, that’s not where the Taiwanese media stops with their accusations about snsd.

In a very recent episode of a Taiwanese talk show called ‘Fate is Really Fun/Play with Fate‘ (命運好好玩) on Super Lucky TV, a session was held where they talked about the Korean entertainment industry. It wasn’t about the k-wave hitting Asia, but instead, talked about plastic surgery and sexual favors as requirements for artists to be successful. An image of girls’ generation with the caption ‘sexual favors’ was used on the show’s broadcast. (I’m not sure if they mentioned the girls specifically, but it was certainly implied).

SM Entertainment responded strongly, stating that the program presented exaggerated and false information; appropriate action will be taken against the show for defamation of the girls’ image. It was also noted that Samsung Taiwan launched an inquiry to the television station, as SNSD is their model for many products.

Super Junior’s Ryeowook also showed his disgust on the topic via twitter:

Wow, that lady talks so confidently when she can’t even distinguish between crap and bean paste (this is a popular korean saying, btw, basically means she doesn’t know enough to tell things apart). It even makes the male me feel more offended. Tsktsk.

-translation by yunhalove@livejournal

I love Taiwan – the sights, the culture, the food.. the list goes on. But in a time where the media makes money off of dirt rather than news, it seems that Taiwan’s got it worse than Korea. (although news everywhere seems to be going in this direction regardless.. this was pretty bad). We weren’t sure if we should give this topic attention on the blog, but felt that sones should be able to protect soshi from the misinformed. I guess situations like these are a price that comes with popularity, but making such allegations towards the girls is lower than Sunny’s heightwithout insoles. I’m glad both SME and Samsung are taking action against the show, and I hope that other media outlets become aware of the consequences of messing with the divine nine.

The true loss here won’t be the legal reparations from a lawsuit, the advertising revenue from Samsung pulling ads, nor the criticism the show will surely receive from Taiwanese sones; the loss simply lies in the fact that individuals may miss out on the girl group known as So Nyuh Shi Dae because of such reports by the media.

Right now it’s Girls’ Generation. From now on it’s Girls’ Generation. Forever it’s Girls’ Generation.

//I don’t mean to bash all of Taiwanese media, and realize there are exceptions. This may be one of the extreme ones in the other direction, but again, this is not the first incident with regards to their media and SNSD. I also know that Taiwan isn’t the only place with these problems, but I will say that this was pretty low. I guess I’ll also mention that I’ve got a bit of Taiwanese blood in me. =P However, I am ready for any criticisms of what probably turned out to be my semi-biased writing.

edit: Title changed based on feedback~

source; fanwonder
by: greeentee@snsdkorean.wordpress.com