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Edit : ruraldaze here. Apparently, the reported single will be titled “Shoot“! Here’s hoping the girls will gun for success!!
Edit : greeentee – the album may be called Hut? or Hoot? =S
Update #1 : The girls would be having their comeback with Hoot on the 29th of Oct,at KBS Music Bank.
Update #2 : Details on the album are released.
Update #3 : Details on pre-ordering.
Update #4 : Updated with the remaining teaser images & the most recent audio teaser,as well as a possible hint of choreography.
Update #5 : Teaser movie will be released on the official website & SME’s official YouTube channel on October 24th,at 12AM KST. Check out the last picture of the gallery for the album cover.
Update #6 : The title song ‘Hoot’ will be released on October 25th at 10am KST through Melon, Bugs, Cyworld, Dosirak.

Update #7 : FullHD comeback teaser on Music Bank.
Update #8 : Music Core comeback teaser!
Final update : Inkigayo comeback teaser!

The Japanese Gee is set to be released tomorrow and guess what? It has just been revealed on the girls’ official website that they will be making a comeback in Korea with a 3rd mini-album soon. Teasers are up, check them under the cut. For the day before yesterday, we had Jessica,Tiffany & Seohyun. And yesterday,Taeyeon,Hyoyeon & Sunny. Now we have the last 3 girls,Yuri,Sooyoung & Yoona!

Keep the audio teaser in loop till the full song is released!

The girls seems to be going for a secret agents concept,Charlie Angels anyone?

A possible hint from TaeRi for the Hoot choreography?

Details of the album as follows.

Release Date : 27th October 2010
Price : 12,000 won (Approximately $10.80USD),usually around 9,000 won($8.10USD) from online sales.
Label : SM Entertainment

1) CD

1. Heh (Hoot)
2. Wake up
3. Best (My Best Friend)
4. It’s my fault (Mistake)
5. At first glance … (Snowy Wish)

2) Bonus

Special gift
A random photocard. There are 18 different designs in total.

So this is what we’ve been waiting for. The pre-ordering!

grapemusiccd@ebay :
Album with tubed poster – $11.50USD + $9.99USD (Shipping)
Album with folded poster – $11.50USD + $5.99USD (Shipping)

Each additional album & poster package would cost $2 for shipping on top of the selling price.
Based on my past experiences with him,i trust him more than the rest. His packaging and after-sales services are really good. So i would strongly recommend him.
I believe the above shipping price is for registered airmail,which includes half tracking.

So make your orders now! Feel free to direct any enquiries to the respective sellers.
Take note SNSDKorean and i are not in any way affiliated with them,thus we shall not take any responsibility for your orders.

On today’s Music Bank,our girls’ comeback teaser was revealed as follows.

Check out the caps as well.

Anyone noticed how our girls’ group name was misspelled as Girl’s Genaration? I laughed out real loud after realising it!

On today’s Music Core,our girls’ comeback teaser was unveiled as well!

Here’s the comeback teaser from today’s Inkigayo.

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