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Yesterday was Kpop Night in Singapore, the first time the girls had ever performed in the nation with one of the highest SONE concentrations in the world. I swear, it’s like a ratio of 9:1 or something…

A fan fainted.

The concert was sold out, with many sporting pink shirts and lightsabers to show their support for the girls. Other groups that performed include BIG BANG, FT Island, The Boss, Z:EA, Infinite, and SM Family member SHINee. Soshi performed second last before Big Bang. The girls only performed 4 songs – Genie, Oh!, Run Debil Run, and Gee (in that order). During Genie, Tiffany said “Singapore, put it back on!“, prompting fans to go crazy. Not wasting an opportunity, our American girl also started Gee off with “Listen Singapore!” to finish the job. Apparently a male fan had also fainted during a Soshi performance.

Here are the clearest & most stable currently uploaded fancams:

Intro + Genie


Run Devil Run


RunSNSD4 + ruiyun0809 + LamesterChan + 199505@youtube

The rumor that was previously reported earlier about the girls performing music station via Singapore was false, as they had performed in Japan for that. The lovely 9 had arrived at the airport only a few hours before the concert started, and did not attend the press conference due to preparations. There are also rumors that Lee Soo Man himself was at the concert, although no confirmations have been made. Apparently Tiffany also hinted at the possibility of holding a Girls’ Generation concert in Singapore, but I couldn’t find a clip of it. This could have been a misinterpretation by fans when Tiffany stated that a new concept would be arriving soon. During a short introduction and talk, JeTi led the conversation with Sooyoung and Seobaby also commenting in English:


The fanchants and pink ocean were quite successful, but some fans were not able to see the girls clearly because of others fancamming and people standing on chairs in the seated areas. I guess that’s soshi craze huh? It would be much appreciated though if all fans could enjoy a concert without blocking the views of others in the future. ^^

Overall, the girls were very well received, while it was unfortunate that not all fans could attend due to limited tickets or other commitments.

Here are some fan accounts:

My friends and I reached Expo at 4pm.
cause we actually bought the SNSD tee from SOSHIFIED SG and we are to collect the free SNSD heart shaped balloon from them from 4pm onwards
then we walked around and went to this place where those in the standing pit area are queuing.
Saw Sones in PINK there and they are like chanting “SOSHI SOSHI” totally awesome.
actually there arent any official SNSD fanclub in Singapore.
So there are like many diff fan Tees for SNSD.
there are like at least 4 from what i see(:
Anyway, we wandered around and from my friends’ tip, we went to the carpark behind EXPO and tried to wait for the girls to arrive.
it was a really fun experience.
Lots of fans are waiting there and we actually saw the girls arriving in a van!!
then we break the barrage and run in since we cant see anything from outside.
the van is all covered up and they drive all the way in.
h/r, unable to catch a glimpse of the girls at all since the security chased us away.
Managed to see three vans arriving. BIG BANG, SHINee and then SNSD!
went inside the place at 730. and omg the pink sabers are there as well!
its really really beautiful. There are alot of SONES<33
finally the concert startedd.
The order go like this: FT Island, BIG BOSS, ZEA, Infinite, SHINee, SNSD, BIG BANG.
fans go crazy from SHINee stage onwards!
the order for the girls performance are GENIE, OH, Interview, RDR, GEE
FANCHANTS ARE REALLY AWESOME! they got the most fanchants among all the groups today!
during the interview, sica spoke first, followed by fany, sica, seohyun and sooyoung.
all in english!<3 and fany revealed that they are coming back in a new concept and the crowd goes “HOOT! HOOT! HOOT!”
and when its GEE stage, they went infront to the Tshape stage.
and SICA is infront of me!! OMG!! She’s so gorgeous<3333
a pity they only come to the Tshaped stage once:(
but i was busy taking fancams that i didnt look at them. FULL OF REGRETS NOW!!
following that it was BIG BANG stage and then the finale!
all of the groups came out.
but i was at the wrong side of the stage.
They gather on the left while i am siting on the right.
so i rush to the left but was overwhelmed by fanboys:X
didnt really catch the girls at all.
i was like infront of SHINee. hahaa
to sum it all, the concert was daebak!! SONES are like really supportive!!
i heard someone actually throw a pink shirt up during the finale.
and i saw lots of pink sabers around!


KPN was certainly a blast. All the groups were awesome..
Really don’t know what to say right now .. still like half-dazed/shocked/amazed..

But I saw like 50-60 ppl in both Pit A and B with pink lightsticks/sabers ..
Right before the concert started, the ppl in the pits waved their pink lightsticks/sabers..
And all of us sones in the seated area waved back in response ..
At that point, I could really see a mini pink ocean.. lol.. it was amazing seeing how many sones were actually there..


Back from the daebak concert! Everyone was great but of cos our girls were the best!!!

The pink ocean was REALLY nice even from a sone point of view. I don’t know if anyone mentioned this. But even before the concert started, the group of sones in the standing pit that were wearing pink waved their pink sabers and light sticks up and screamed and after that the whole concert hall that WERE ALSO holding the pink light sticks and wadever that is pink in colour all raised their items too. THAT for me was a nice SONE moment, seeing all sones coming together although we were NOT seated together.


This is the first time the girls are coming here as I went down to the concertarea 2 hours before. I can already smell the excitement in the air upon arriving as many people clad in pink outfits can be seen almost everywhere. I was jealous as I didn’t manage to get one of the pink light sabers.

I went into the concert area shortly and I was seating at the category 1 seats.Just before the concert starts, the standing crowd caught my eyes as there were a section filled with pink light sabers and they were flashing their light all at once. This action made the crowd go wild as I can see pink light sticks/light sabers popping out from random areas in the hall, showing them that we are the strongest fan clubs there!

The concert finally started at 8pm sharp as the opening was done by F.T Island.The Boss, Infinite and ZE:A performed after that and it was down to 3 groups left – SHINee, SNSD and Big Bang. The MCs teased us with the upcoming groups and when SHINee was revealed, the crowd went wild with the high pitched screams from the Shawols fan girls. They performed Replay, Hello, Ring Ding Dong andLucifer and the crowd really got hyped up as people are screaming all over.

We were guessing who’s the next group to perform is and it was our girl’s turn! The background music for Tell Me Your Wish dropped and the husky voice of our kid leader started the song. The girls are wearing their Japanese promotion outfits for genie and that is the outfit that I liked the most! To be honest I was quite worried about now having any fan chants for the girls as there were not much fan chants even for SHINee but sones proved the crowd wrong. The first chant *MAREBWA!* was so loud and clear and I was shouting my lungs out for the girls. Overwhelmed by the chants, sones just got louder and louder as I couldn’t believe that they are actually performing live in front of my eyes. Fany then put Singapore backed on as we loved the fan service that she is giving us.

The girls never gave the crowd any time to rest as the Oh!-so-catchy tune hit us like the tsunami waves. It was Oh! That they are performing next!! I could hear people around us saying”wow the chants for SNSD are so loud…” That made me felt so proud as a sone as the unified chanting made me closer and felt like sones are like one big family. I had goose bumps all over while chanting ”Jigemun So Nyuh ShiDae, Apurodo So Nyuh Shi Dae, Youngwhoni So Nyuh Shi Dae, So Nyuh Shi Dae Saranghae Oh!”

They went on to introduce themselves as Fany was being so cute, saying that they felt happy that all of us are present and happy that they are promoting Kpop to us. She then teased us by saying that they are going to have a comeback soon and the crowd was like shouting “Hoot! Hoot! Hoot! Hoot!”

Run Devil Run was next and I felt a little awkward seeing them perform thatsong with the sailor outfits but nonetheless the girls did their live perfectly and Taeng hit the high notes well too.

We were all anticipating for the next song. The song that made me fell in love with them, the song that make them Korea’s top girl group, the song that everyone was confident that they can sing out loud. It was Gee!! “ListenSingapore, My first love story~” the whole crowd went crazy as gee gee gee gee could be heard from everyone. Then the best moment of my life came. They went to the T-shaped stage and Taeyeon was at the intersection. I was like screaming“TAEYEON COME HERE!!” and she miraculously took a right turn. TAEYEON IS JUST IN FRONT OF ME SINGING GEE! OH MY GOD I swear I could have hyperventilated and died on the spot. She was like 10m away from me and all I can see is her petite body and she short hair just glows under the concert lights. 1080 HD videos really don’t do justice to Taeng as each and every of her motion could make me faint~~ There was a few Taeny moments too as Fany showed a V-sign on top of Taeng’s head, talk about love from this couple :D

From this close distance, Yuri really caught me off guard as I thought she was hot before. But NO, SHE IS SUPER MEGA FREAKING HOT!! Her S-line is really something to beware of. Sooyoung’s pair of slim legs are like the best in the industry as every member looked so slim in real life. It’s a pity the duration of the song is too short for me to have a clear look at all 9 members as they headed back to the main stage.

Sica complimented Singapore too saying that Singapore’s really clean and theywould like to come here to perform again!! Sooyoung also spoke some engrish andit was really cute of her. How I wished Taeng could do some of her engrish too!

Big Bang performed a whopping 7 songs after that and their stage charisma and fan service they gave really showed me that they are the sunbaenim after all. They performed classics like Haru Haru, Lies and Last Farewell and soon it was the last farewell for us as they performed their last song of the night.

Everyone appeared after that as we sang We Are the World together. Sooyoung was like sending out mini hearts to everyone and Kim Choding was like smiling to every camera. Flying kisses were sent by our girls to everyone as the night finally ended.

The image of the girls is still vivid in my mind now as I realize why they are called the top girl group in Korea. Seeing them perform real life is something every sone should accomplish and I am proud to say that I have done that tonight!


And here are some images of the concert via xin msn.

by: greeentee@snsdkorean.wordpress.com