Too complicated for someone like the Ice Princess to give a crap.

Remember that lovely twitter Jessica had for a couple of days and then it suddenly disappeared? And then it came back just to go away again right after?

Well, we’ve finally gotten confirmation that the account was Jessie’s but she closed it down herself. Here’s the reason why:

Did I scare you guys?! hoot*…I want to see you guys again quickly~ Let us enjoy our next promotion^^ Oh yea! About the ~twitter* honestly, I couldn’t resist the temptations and made myself one…ㅋㅋ and that happened.. Today my account was restored~ but.. since I’m technologically challenged I don’t know how to maintain it~ so I don’t think I can use it anymore ㅋㅋㅋ I decided to delete my account! Don’t worry about it~ hehe good morning ^^ hoot

It’s a damn shame she couldn’t keep it since none of the 9 girls have one anyway but I guess thats a good thing since I’d be obsessively looking for translators to translate her tweets 😦

But Jess, if you ever want to tweet again, feel free to contact me. I’m the queen of twitter nbd.

written: Boss Lady
translated: cathode@soshified.com

PS. My favorite Jess gif ❤ And yes I know about the antis thing but let’s move past the negativity and stand above them 🙂