…Then he would be as cool as one of our staffers!


So far, October has been jam packed: Shoujo Jidai had their activities in Japan, Taiwan concert was a huge success, SNSD released the teaser for their brand new single, 9-year-old Willow Smith whipped her hair back and forth (and will be more gee, gee, G than we’ll ever be), Herr0 ate a ham sandwich for lunch today, the sandwich had too much mayo, etc etc.

However, one thing we better not forget is… greentee greentea Greeentee‘s birthday!

By this time, you readers may dismiss this chunk as just “another birthday post”, but trust me- every staffer has his/her own special qualities, and Greeentee (aka GT) deserves so much love for his contribution to the blog.

A couple days ago, we praised Zheming for his hard work. If DC Comics has Batman and Robin, Snsdkorean has Zheming and Greeentee. Two super blogging powerhouses yo.

Zheming and GT irl. nice spandex boys

Managing Twitter, answering your Soshi questions, having the mysterious voice on the Snsd Podcast, creating the tabs on the blog for easy access, having a maturity level I could never reach, drinking green tea while wearing a green tee (OMFG)- the list of his greatness goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.


PS. omagah I’m wearing a greeeeen tee RIGHT NOW! all i need is some greeeeen tea and then i’m all set for greeentee day 😀

PPS. no more shipping Herdy/Cindr0/Cindr0me.

PPPS. speaking of willow smith,



Green tea…no wait green tee. No no..greeenteee. Whatever, that’s me struggling daily every time I try to write your name out =( But I’m so used to spelling it this way, sometimes I write your screename out when I want to order the actual drink. Anyway! 😛

I would not be lying if I said that “hiring” you was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The blog was growing..but with your addition, you really got the place booming. From customizing the backgrounds, to handling twitter and the issues that came along with it, to throwing down money to upgrade our memory space…you’ve done so much for this blog and more. I cannot express in words how thankful I am for all that you’ve done. And I can’t thank you enough for talking to me when I was stressed out about college and my major and everything else in between. You da best!!

Honestly I’m so sad I couldn’t join you guys on the trip to SM Town Live but someday..we’ll hit up some snsd concerts together! I wish you a super amazing birthday and I hope that our friendship continues to grow and that we’ll continue to message each other on skype 😛 Seriously though, enjoy this special day. You deserve it.

ps: Stop suggesting CinTee 😉

pps: STOP shipping Cindria [herr0’s edit: she’s jk]



Hey there fellow October baby!

From the bottom of my heart,i wish you a very very happy birthday! 😀

Give yourself a pat on the shoulder because you’ve done so much for this blog! From upgrading our memory space with your own bucks,changing the layout of the blog,handling our Twitter account and the list goes on.

Your effort is very much appreciated and i can’t imagine doing without you,it has always been a pleasure working with you.

Just like our beloved girls,each and every one of them holds a certain role & importance. That’s why they shines brightly with the power of 9.

I feel that applies to our team as well. We have different parts to play and when we work together as one,success is ours. And you play a huge part in it. 🙂

And just like how our girls love each other,we do so here as well!

So enjoy this very special day of yours! And let’s get closer tomorrow. 😀



bad romance~

Somehow this pic is so macro-able..

Hey greeeeeenteee! It’s your birthday! Hope you’re not too stressed with work and all. Why would you be? I mean there’s nine de-stressors waiting for you back home in your monitor (lol). If you come to Malaysia, I’ll take you to the best fried chicken place (no it’s not KFC). Forget poutine, forget fried beavers 🙂 Thank youu for being such a great help for the team and the readers as well. Thanks for making our jobs easier! With all the tweakings and support (in all ways possible) and concern for our welfare. Dang you’re like our mother (except creepier)! If possible, we could have a group hug with you in the middle, just like HaHa surrounded by all 9 girls 😛 Have a ball on your birthday! And stop stalking!

p.s. GTA is NOT real.



Hey GT!

I just wanted to wish you a very very happy birthday today because you deserve it. The moment you were hired to help with the blog, you actually revolutionized the whole blog itself. Without you, we wouldn’t have an awesome new layout, enough memory space that can handle soshi greatness, we wouldn’t even have a twitter account! I know that we haven’t talk to each other much, but I can see the great changes around the blog and I really appreciate that. I also remember how you step up to the plate to organize Cindy’ birthday post too. I would have never thought of emailing everyone to get their birthday message so kudos to you. Overall, I really wish you will have the awesomest, phenomenalist, supercalifragilisticexpidalidocious birthday ever because you deserve it 😀



Oh by the way, since I can’t give you a birthday present, I will show a picture of your birthday present!

Guess which one is the present ;D




You know, I count myself lucky for having the opportunity to be part of the SoShiK staff, but I think I count myself blessed for meeting someone like you. ^^

You’ve become an unexpected support during the frustrating times of my mundane teenage life, and thanks so much for all you’ve put up with.

When I’m older and more mature, I’d like to think that we’ll still be in contact, and hopefully someday I can help you out in the ways you’ve helped me.

Woori smart, cool and sweet oppa, wishing you every happiness on your special day. I hope you’re not feeling the years yet, ahjussi. Take care of your back heheh.

-Lotsa love, Proctie.



GREEENTEEEEE!!! hired at the same time as you, you feel like the older brother of the staff team. Caring for the blog a great deal and not worrying about putting in a bit of money to help bolster the blog and jumping in to quell arguments and hate is admirable both on the blog and our twitter. I miss the old days when we would all spazz out on the chatroll, but like you, work and life get in the way, but lets soldier on hyung!!!



Hello Greeentee 🙂

Thank you for the effort you’ve put into snsdkorean and for continuously supporting us. =)
You’re turning…twenty something? Hehe oh well. Still young like Soshi. 😛
Well, Happy Birthday ! I hope you have a good one there.

xx Anna

PS: Oh…and, save me some cake . ^^”



HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY LAWRENCE! (oooo wee oooo wee) :]

You’re legal in America now…so if there’s an after-party next year in LA, you get to go….without me -sobbbbb- :[

I think you’re the closest staff member I know cause we actually met in real life (;

I remember how you left me hanging at the airport for a good hour and a half T___T (JERK I’m gonna remember that forever lol jk) but it’s okay because I made you waste 40 bucks on salty steak afterwards haha.

I also remember your sooo not seductive pole dance…..LOL

But yesh, moving on.

I wanted to say…(this is actually hard for me to say)…lol…you’re cool!…NAHT…LOL JK (sorry, I’m only living on 3 hrs of sleep from cramming for my exam and I’m so caffine-high so I’m uberr hyper right now)

I really wanted to say that you’re like an oppa to me. & I believe all the staff members really appreciate the hard work you’ve put into the blog.

I hope you have a great 21st birthday. GET CAKEEED! & I also hope your wishes come true (except for the wishes about marrying Taeng because NUUU! TAENG BELONGS TO TIFFANY :P)

P.S. I just realized that your screenname could mean both green tea and green tee. OMG I’m so slow. & OO good luck on your midterm monotonic child.

P.P.S. Eric says Happy Birthday :] I guess he misses Lawrick!