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Seobaby’s got herself a part in an upcoming song that is to be sung by 20 different idols!

In early October of this year, a campaign song called “Let’s Go” will be released for the G20 Seoul Summit. A music video shall also be released at around the same time. No exact date has been given yet, just be on the lookout!

The following artists will participate (goodness..what is everyone going to sing? A word?): Seohyun, IU, Luna, Gyuri, Jonghyun, Sungmin, Changmin (2AM), Junsu (2pm), Junhyung, Son Dambi, Seo In-guk, Gahee, Gayook, Min, Jieun, G.O., Jaegyung, Bumkey, G.NA, and lastly, Anna.

For those curious as to what Seoul Summit is exactly, here’s the information I managed to find!

Twenty world leaders will come together in Seoul this November
to discuss the state of the global economy as it emerges from
the financial crisis. Together, they will take the necessary steps
to reduce market volatility and move past the crisis, creating
sustainable growth going forward.

For more information, check this site out.

This all sounds pretty intense, you wouldn’t expect idols to gather to sing a song for this 😛 Regardless, it’s a new song that’s coming our way so look forward to it! So many activities going on these days with the girls!

source; yurui@twitter
Article: Boss Lady@snsdkorean