I've been dying to use this picture..its not even related.

On October 1st, MBC will be broadcasting an animated documentary called 청춘병법 아미아미. (I..do not know the translation of that lols)

Why October 1st? Well that day is actually Armed Forces Day and our very own shikshin will be the narrator of this documentary. With such a cheerful and bright personality, you can bet she’ll do an amazing job. She even said “SNSD are ahjussi soldiers’ favorite singers and therefore, I was given the honor to do the voice dubbing for this animated documentary which features soldiers and their barracks.”

Honestly, awesome stuff. You can bet money that Soo will make the documentary so much more fun with her lively personality! Maybe this will open up more doors for her in the dubbing world? We can’t forget when Seohyun, Tae, and Tiff did that Keororo dubbing, then we had Superbad, and now this! I don’t know about you guys but I definitely want some more of these gigs even if I don’t understand a word. 😛

We’ll definitely post up the video once it’s out, look forward to it!

source; fanwonder.com
written by boss lady@snsdkorean.wordpress

PS. Ain’t that picture lovely ❤ So typical.