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Daum Search is a Korean web portal site that offers free web-based e-mail, messaging service, forums, shopping and news. The word “daum” means “next” in Korean.  They have enlisted SNSD to push the AD campaign, and by god is it marvelous!!! Hit the jump for every ad.

ALL 9 girls are split between multiple commercials.

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(Yoona is searching for blue crabs)
Yoona: “Ah this is frustrating”
Yoona: “Let’s just go outside and search for it later”
Yuri: “What are you doing? Watch this.”
Yuri: “Blue crab~~”
(Blue crab restaurant is shown)
Yoona: “How did you do that?”
Yuri: “Blue crab~”
(Find locations by speaking – Daum Search)
Yuri: “Waffle waffle coffee”

Soo: “Ah. Unnie want to go on a trip somewhere~”
Hyun: “Me too~”
Soo: “Where do you want to go?”
Hyun: “Uh… I want to go to Namee Island”
Soo: “Namee Island? Where is Namee Island?”
Hyun: “Namee Island…”
Soo: “Namee Island”
Hyun: “Um let’s try to find out”
Soo: “Daum Daum”
Hyun: “Daum… Ah Daum!”
Hyun: “How do you do this?
Hyun: “Nam . EE . Island”
Soo: “Hey it wont work if you speak like that. Just speak naturally”
Hyun: “It seemed like you had to pronounce by syllables”
Soo: “Nah. Namee Island~ See~”
Hyun: “Oh it worked!”
Soo: “Yes~”
Soo: “Ah this is that place, where they filmed that drama”
Hyun: “Yes there is bike riding there. Couples go there to ride it I’m going to go ride it for sure”
Soo: “Really? It’s hard when you ride that by yourself”
Hyun: “Heh~ Of course it’s going to be the two of us going”
Soo: “With who?”
Hyun: “Heh~ you know~”
Soo: “Who?”
Hyun: “You know who~”
Soo: “Unnie won’t go. Unnie is busy”
Hyun: “Not you unnie”
Soo: “who then?
Hyun: “Me”
Soo: “Yeah so you and who else?”
Hyun: “You know~”
Soo: “Who?”
(Hyun Whispers to Sooyoung)
Soo: “What?”
(Hyun Whispers more to Sooyoung)
Soo: “What? Ok speak to here”
Hyun: “No I can’t~”
Soo: “Come on. Ah who is it?”

Tae: Why isn’t she here
Sica: Ah really! Ah Hi hahahahaha
Tae: You are late again!
Sica: Ah I’m sorry. Oh it’s distressing~
Tae: You’re late late. The penalty is five dollars. Five dollars.
Sica: Aish…
Tae: What’s bothering you?
Sica: Hey look at my hair. It’s different from yesterday right?
Tae: A little bit. It looks ok?
Sica: Oh this isn’t the way I wanted it~
Tae: Weren’t you there just now?
Sica: Yeah but she was dozing off as she was rolling my hair
Sica: Really!
Sica: I had to wake her up hundred times really
Tae: Hey, you want to search on Daum?
Sica: Yeah
Sica: Is it up? No one was there…
Tae: It’s up up! It’s all posted
Sica: Who is that? Haha
Tae: Look at this it’s you coming out of the beauty salon
Sica: Ah really?
Tae: Yeah. Your hair had some more waves there?
Sica: I know, I guess it got undone as I came here
Tae: You mean in like five minutes just now…
Sica: Yeah looks like it,
Tae: That was quick really quick
Tae: You wave getting undone is quick
Tae: The speed these things get posted is quick!
Sica: I know, hey some more got posted just now!
Tae: You’re right they keep coming up
Tae: Check this?
Sica: Yeah
Tae: Hey many of them are posted now
Sica: Hey,
Tae: Not bad!
Sica: They’re saying it’s pretty yes pretty! Oh nice. Aheehee Haha
Tae: The response is good
Sica: Yeah the response is good
Tae: You! You! You’ve been to the cafe?!
Sica: Eh… yeah
Tae: You! Haha
Tae: That’s why you were late!
Sica: No it was hot. You know I get exhausted when it’s hot, so haha
Tae: Who is that beside you? Who did you go with?
Sica: Uh…
Tae: What!
Tae: Hey you’ll break it!
Tae: Ok what
Sica: Ah well the person is
Tae: Who did you go with?
Sica: My school friend
(Staff: “We’ll start now”)
Sica: Yes!
Tae: Yes
Sica: Just a friend

Hyo: Hey~ I received letters… Heh what…
Sunny: I got them too~
Hyo: I have many here
Hyo: What you mean Sunny is cute, I am jjang cute
Sunny: Take this! Chop chop chop
Hyo: Hey what does this say?
Sunny: Oh it’s Japanese!
Hyo: This says Hyoyeon jjang right? “Aish1teru” is I love you, “I miss you” she misses me
Sunny: Hey will you stop reading them selectively?
Hyo: I don’t know~
Sunny: Ah this pink envelop is so cute
Sunny: Huh?
Hyo: Huh? Isn’t that a code?
Sunny: How does this work?
Hyo: It’s a code
Sunny: What is it?
Hyo: You use with Daum app and it takes you straight to the link
Sunny: Really?
Sunny: How can she sleep like that all the time?
Sunny: Just what is she doing at night…
Hyo: Oh Fany let’s take a picture
Sunny: Fany you know how cute you look now? It’s no joke
Hyo: Uhljjang angle
Sunny: Fany stay still now
Hyo: 5, 6, 7, 8!
Sunny: Oh it’s coming up!
Hyo: Ah pretty so pretty
Sunny: It’s a video
Sunny: Aigoo wait
Hyo: Those voices
Sunny: This is like that video…
Hyo: This comes from this and from your cheek
Hyo: Isn’t it fascinating?
Sunny: Look, a video plays from your cheek
Hyo: Isn’t this for ***?

OMGOMGOMG, fany fake sleeping, cutest thing ever!

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Source: Daum info taken from wikipedia