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Remember the time when SuJu’s Leeteuk took the role of being Taeyeon‘s “caring brother” in the Seoul MV?  Well, recent rumours have been spreading regarding a possible love relationship between the two. It all started when…

… they were both spotted wearing similar accessories (black playboy bunny earrings). Many people have been making a big deal out of it, but who knows -it could just be pure coincidence. Great minds think alike; Amazing idols dress alike. Despite all this, Leeteuk has denied about these rumours all along… until he spoke about them once again in the recent episode of  “Star King” this week.

Consider this pic (note: this was not from the ep) :

Joined by a contestant named Kim Hyun Bong (a fisherman) on the episode, Leeteuk claimed to Hyun Bong “There were so many articles about you, there were a lot about me, too.” – an indication of the rumours between him and Taeyeon. This became a little strange, as MC Kang Ho Dong stated “celebrities usually try to hide rumors being spreaded about them”; so why would Leeteuk openly talk about it? He laughed, then joked ““It has been so long since articles were written about me!”

This is part of an account from the owner of NaNa, a piercings shop near the SM Building regarding the incident:

When I saw the news article I just chuckled

Well it’s not impossible that the two of them can be such and such but… Leeteuk already gets many piercing gifts from fans

and he had this accessory long before Taeyeon..

On Thursday Sep 2nd.. the girls came rushing in to my shop in the morning.

Taeyeon Hyoyeon Sunny Yoona..

Leaving for US the girls stopped by before hurriedly going to the airport.

On that day Taeyeon bought the bunny and left wearing it..

Now the news articles are out, Taeyeon and couple piercings really? kekeke

It’s the number 1 search term.. just chuckling

cr; silis + nana@naver

So it looks like the earrings weren’t bought together as couple accessories.. but the incident makes it a cute super generation coincidence! Well, what do you think guys?

Credits: channel4superjunior @ youtube & happy go lucky @soompi