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On FHM Singapore’s list of 100 sexiest women in the world for 2010, a very familiar name showed up.


The one that got picked was of course… *drumroll*





Yes, that’s all 9 girls taking one spot: 99th! I guess it means they’re just sexier collectively, although I’m sure there’ll be disagreements about that haha. Nothing without 9 right? It was also interesting that they received the 99th spot, but they’ll likely move higher on the list as the writers of FHM become SONEs the girls become more recognized in foreign markets (not that Singapore isn’t crazy about Soshi already! <3). Check out the video below for the SNSD mention:


Please note that the FHM Singapore list is a different list than the much more publicized FHM international list of sexiest women in the world, so it looks like the company is trying to cater to different markets. The girls are listed only in the FHM Singapore one, despite the title ‘sexiest women in the world‘. Either way, sexshi hwaiting!