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Updated with more photos!

The Girls' Waiting Room

So our girls has the pleasure and honour to be invited to perform at the Girls Award Japan 2010,which has been ongoing since 3PM KST/JST today.
Check under the cut for more updates!

Update #1 :

The girls performed Run Devil Run,Gee & Genie in that particular order.

Update #2 :

The girls wore the same uniforms as those seen on the Dream Concert 2010.

Update #3 :

Tweets from Japanese SONEs who attended the event.

“SNSD is dangerous, so cute and the performance was startling”
“The cheering is incredible!”
“SNSD popularity is scary!”
“The crowd is going crazy!”
“By far the loudest cheer today!”
“This Girls Award today was like SNSD as the main act. Dominating popularity.”
“SNSD is too.. too incredible.. too much moe”
“So this is SNSD!”
“Even all the staff are out watching the stage”

Update #4 : Gallery

Update #5 : Fancams

Run Devil Run

Gee,Talk & Genie

Officiail broadcast would be updated here once it’s available.

Source : Yurui912 & TangPa@Twitter,silis7noy2@Soompi
Credit : hirolunatic@Youtube