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According to an exclusive interview on a plane flying to America, our beautiful girls revealed something that could very lead to a collective heart attack for all of us.

Lightning. Hit. Their. Plane.


ok calm down, its alright, this was the flight before their Japanese showcase, and quite obviously everyone’s alright.

The koreans put a lot in these types of minor accidents without any real problems occuring, when stuff like this happen, people say you’ll be a resounding success for whatever you’ve been trying to do. True to that, the Japanese showcase was spectacularly spiffing (although i doubt there was any doubt in the result xD), and the girls are well on their way up in Japan.

On a side note, the girls DID have a fire out of nowhere in the hallway during music video filming a while ago, during the filming of Oh!… no one was hurt, and Oh went on to be a absolutely beast of success, so we can hope the same for our girls now =D

still…a little too close for comfort…

credits: allkpop, written: silentarchangel @ snsdkorean