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Edit: ruraldaze here. uploaded another pic of Jaeson Ma with Sooyoung, and his cute friend, Stephen, who’s celebrating his birthday! Check it out below!

A three hour 8 am class turned into ten minutes so here I am posting~

As of now, the SM artists should be on the plane headed for the LA SM Town Live 2010! Woo Woo! Who’s going?! We got some staffers that are so expect great coverage 😀

ANYWAY. Famous Taiwanese singer Vanness Wu just tweeted a few hours ago a couple of new pictures of Tiff and Soo at the airport.

Vanness's tweet: Tiff, Sue Young have a wonderful show in LA! May Gods glory shine on you gurls! Blessings~

Vaness's tweet: And then there were 3... Haha everyone left us @jaesonma, honor serving with you. Safe flight back!

If you don’t already know who is who, Vanness is the one with the scarf around his neck and the guy in the glasses is Jaeson Ma (another friend of the girls!).

More pictures of the girls at the aiport under the cut!

credits to vanness’s twitter, and the snsd soompi thread! and as tagged.

Please do not hotlink the images that I reuploaded onto imageshack. 🙂

Be on the lookout for more posts related to the girls arrival in LA!