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Random post, but not really. On the latest episode of the Korean drama, “I am Legend,” staring Kim Jung Eun (many of you guys might know her as being the MC/host of Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate music show), Kim Jung Eun along with her “ahjumma” band covered the rock version of SNSD’s “Genie”/”Tell Me Your Wish.”

It’s actually the second time, the drama alluded to the girls’ “Genie”/”Tell Me Your Wish,” because in the episode before this. The actresses started dancing to it.
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The drama is currently airing. I have been watching the drama up to the latest episode and I really recommend it. It’s a great heartwarming drama. If anyone is interested in knowing what it’s about, it’s about the main actress, Kim Jung Eun, who wants to divorce her cold-hearted husband and break free from her suffocating married life to form a band, “Comeback Madonna,” with friends who are also “ahjummas.” Together they try to live their dreams and do what they love to do, sing and perform.  Anyways, I’m not gonna spoil it :]

When I watched the episodes and “Genie”/”Tell Me Your Wish” came up, it really made me think about the hype from the recent release of  the Japanese version of “Genie”/”Tell Me Your Wish.” Such a coincidence that “Genie”/”Tell Me Your Wish” was recently alluded in the drama when the Japanese remake just released haha.

Video credits: goindol224@Youtube + 3momoShinfedy@Youtube

Written by: ferrerorocher9@snsdkorean.wordpress.com