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Herr0: updated with Press Con video!

Although one of the staffs, ZHEMING, already wrote that Taeyeon wore glasses recently at the “Super Bad”/”Despicable Me” press conference due to an eye infection, sty, in her right eye, an official article about it has been released and I thought it should be brought up again since the article also contains what Taeyeon talked about during the press conference.

According to a recent Newsen news article, Taeyeon attended the movie event at Seoul CGV theatre in Wangshimni yesterday, August 30th, wearing glasses. She explained, “I didn’t wear glasses today because my character wore glasses, I wore them because I have an infection in my eye.” The infection is known as a “sty”/”chalazion” and it has caused her eye to swell up. (The cause for the infection in general is kinda unknown although medical websites say that it could be due to stress or bacteria built up near the eye lid. I actually had “stys”/”chalazions” a few times. Last year, I had one on each eye lid and it kinda bothered me cause it blurred my vision a bit so I had to go through surgery to remove them –though it was a minor surgery. Anyways, the “sty”/”chalazion” can go away naturally if one puts a hot compress (like a hot towel/water pack) on the area and it’ll slowly get better. I hope that Taeyeon has been doing this faithfully for it to go away quicker –I didn’t do it everyday so it came to the point where I had to remove it cause hot compress didn’t work anymore and I had to remove it :[– I also hope that she’s not stressing out these days.)

During the press conference, Taeyeon talks about her first voice acting experience, saying, “I always loved animations and thought voice acting was interesting, and when I was presented with this good opportunity, I was thankful.” She also talked about the difficulties of voice dubbing, “The most difficult part was getting the timing right with the characters on the screen. If I were an evil villain, I would want to steal the three siblings (GASP!) because they are such amusing characters and it seems like it’d be fun to be around them.”

The movie, “Super Bad” (known as “Despicable Me” in America), is a funny and touching movie about Gru, a man who dreams of becoming a SUPER villain with the help of his (ADORABLE) minions, and three young girls (Margo, Edith, and Agnes). In the story, Taeyeon’s character, Margo, and Seohyun’s character, Edith, warms Gru’s heart and at the same time, befriend his minion army.

Similar to Taeyeon’s position as the oldest unnie in SNSD in real life, she depicts Margo’s calm and cool voice and her image as an unnie that looks after her younger siblings. Seoyhun, on the other hand, has a calm image in real life but played the voice of a young Edith who is an odd prankster.


It is said that “Super Bad” will premiere on September 16th so remember to check it out if you haven’t done so and live in Korea. It’s a MUST WATCH!

*Source: Newsen, Newsen Reporters Heung Jungwon Jung Yoojin, & taengbear@soshified.com (translations)